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RC Monster $500 Gift Certificate


This is a $500 Gift Certificate for the RC Monster store.  These make a perfect present.
Price: $500.00
658.10 CAD | 385.75 GBP | 448.00 EUR
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Castle Creations Mamba XL2 1/5 Brushless(V2 ESC)
Based on 1 ratings. (View)


Brawn and Brains.

It's time for 1/5th scale buggies, trucks and on road cars to experience the incredible torque and speed of Castle electric drive. The new Mamba XL is the only controller on the market able to handle the loads required to power these surprisingly heavy vehicles to insane speeds.

We can prove it too, as the Mamba XLV2 features all of the standard Mamba series programming features PLUS a first for the RC car market, data logging. Use the data from the controller to measure parameters such as your battery volts, battery ripple voltage, amp draw, motor rpm, and controller temperature. This is a great way to make sure that the rest of your setup is performing within its limits!

Price: $325.00
427.77 CAD | 250.74 GBP | 291.20 EUR
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HPI BAJA  Extended Arm Conversion w/V1 Tower - Sale Price






  • Machined from billet 6061 aluminum
  • Arms have been extended 1.00" per side 2.00" oal
  • Shown with V1 shock tower
  • V1 shock tower works best on the 5t





  • Price: $289.00
    380.38 CAD | 222.96 GBP | 258.94 EUR
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    RC Monster $250 Gift Certificate


    This is a $250 Gift Certificate for the RC Monster store.  These make a perfect present.
    Price: $250.00
    329.05 CAD | 192.88 GBP | 224.00 EUR
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    Castle Mamba Monster Combos
    Based on 2 ratings. (View)


    The Monster is finally here!

    Long rumored, occasionally seen at trade shows, Castle’s elusive 1/8th scale Monster Brushless ESC is finally available to the public. Castle has used all of their tricks to deliver stunning power for monster trucks and 1/8th buggy conversions.

    The Monster handles up to 6S LIPO input (25.2 Volts MAX). It has a switching BEC circuit onboard to provide plenty of power for your receiver and servos. Don’t worry about the amp rating, nothing even comes close to the real world performance of the Castle controllers, and Monster is no exception. We’ve hit 60 mph with RC vehicles that have absolutely no business doing 60 mph. (And we were doing it in a 20 mph zone!)

    Monster is designed to keep its cool while it pounds your truck. Castle refused to cut corners on the design or the components, the electronic and thermodynamic fundamentals are right to begin with. Castle then wrings a bit more power out by using a high efficiency heat sink PLUS an integrated cooling fan to make sure you finish the race. Thermals are for the other guys.

    Monster ESCs come with huge 6.5mm gold plated bullet connectors for reliable power transfer and simple installation. We’ve even thrown in a USB adapter so you can tame the Monster by adjusting the really useful settings using your Windows PC.

    OK, so you’re asking, “What motor do I run it with, where’s the Castle motor for this thing?”

    They are on the way, honest! The long wait is nearly over. You don’t want to know how many prototype motors we’ve tortured in the testing of this Monster. The work has all paid off with these incredible motors. Based on Steve Neu’s awesome 15 series motor, the Neu Castle 2200 and 2650 are works of mechanical art. They both feature high quality bearings and Neodymium magnets, superior electromagnetic design, and rigorous engineering control in our own factory result in a Monster motor we can put our name on.

    Two choices are on the way.

    2650 KV – Intended for 4S (16.8 Volt) operation. Ideal for 1/8th conversions. The 2650 is 67mm long.

    2200 KV – Intended for 6S (25.2 Volt) operation. Incredible in monster trucks with up to 6S lipo packs. The 2200 is 75mm long. This is the bad boy!

    Both motors come with a Neo rotor on a 5mm shaft as standard, not as an optional upgrade. Castle uses high end bearings for trouble free operation, and we’ve machined integrated cooling fins for that extra bit of power. These motors are 4 pole, slotted, brushless motors wound with 1 turn in a Y configuration. 

    "Motor or esc only "selections will not include box(every other one of course).

    Price: $219.99
    289.55 CAD | 169.72 GBP | 197.11 EUR
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    Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro motor/esc combo


    New Mamba Max Pro 1/10th Sensored & Sensorless ESC: Castle is Ready to ROAR

    Castle, the leader in brushless technology for RC cars, is pleased to announce the release of our new Mamba Max Pro brushless ESC featuring SMARTSENSE™ operation. SMARTSENSE brings the best of sensored and sensorless ESC together to create the ideal controller for serious 1/10th scale enthusiasts. Operating at up to 6S, Mamba Max Pro can handle nearly twice the power of the market standard Mamba Max!

    Castle Builds A Sensorless Controller?
    Hey, we’re never going to just go with the flow, so we’ve built the best of both worlds into the new controller.

    • SmartSense uses the motor sensors to start the motor and then it switches over to Castle’s ultra powerful and efficient dynamic sensorless mode which boosts motor efficiency. Simply put, you’ll get more power and less heat from your motor.
    • Sensored Only mode runs sensored motors using sensored timing only.
    • CHEAT MODE, Castle’s High Energy Advanced Timing allows users to electronically advance their sensored motor’s timing to extreme settings. This can often yield just that extra bit of power needed to win the race. Be careful – there’s never a free lunch, extra power comes with extra motor heat!

    OK, now I’m confused. Is Sensored better than Sensorless?
    The answer is that for most users, Sensorless operation is still better.

    • Castle’s Sensorless controllers offer best in class start up and braking which are fine for most users. Sensored only motor operation cannot deliver maximum efficiency.
    • Sensors are terribly inaccurate for motor timing purposes as the motor’s magnetic fields change under load or at speed; that’s where Sensorless operation shines.
    • Sensorless is also just more dependable. There are fewer wires and connections that need to survive the incredibly rough treatment most RC cars and trucks endure.

    Some guys do need sensored operation, mainly because the racing world’s rules require it, but also because it can offer slightly better start up and braking performance. Mamba Max Pro offers the ultimate in flexibility: use it with all your 1/10th motors, sensored or sensorless!

    I’m over the shock of the sensor port. Tell me what else you’ve packed into the Mamba Max Pro.

    • 6S (25.2 volts) max input voltage
    • Switching BEC powers your radio and servo all the way up to the 6S max input. Users may select the output for any voltage between 5V and 7V.
    • Durable case and cooling fan to protect and cool the controller during hard off-road action
    • Ready to Run: Mamba Max Pro is ready to run out of the box.
    • Castle Link Compatible: Like all Castle controllers, the Mamba Max Pro may also be “tuned” for the drivers’ preferences in the throttle curve, brake strength, reversing modes and more. Access these features with the CASTLE LINK USB connector (available separately) and a PC for even more versatility.

    Mamba Max Pro is available individually or in combos with Castle’s top quality CM36 4600kv, 5700kv, 6900kv, 7700kv, or 9000kv 36mm brushless motors.

    Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.

    Price: $169.99
    223.74 CAD | 131.15 GBP | 152.31 EUR
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    Fastlane Rustler Super Chassis Kit
    Manufacturer: Fastlane Machine
    Based on 1 ratings. (View)


    Fast Lane Machine Complete  Rustler Chassis Kit.

    Compatible with new VXL kits.

    Items may be drop shipped directly from FastLane Machine if not in stock in our facility(may take up to 3 weeks for processing).

    This item not eligible for flat rate shipping.

    Price: $160.00
    210.59 CAD | 123.44 GBP | 143.36 EUR
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    Tekin T8 1/8th Scale Competition Brushless Motor


    Tekin’s Redline T8 motor series is designed for large scale, high performance competition. Featuring sensors for flawless, reliable on track operation, the T8 provides pro level control and power. Capable of both sensored and sensorless operation, the T8 series motors are the leading edge of large scale RC motor technology. Utilize the torque and speed of your T8 to propel you across the finish line.

    Couple the Redline T8 with Tekin's RX8 Electronic Speed Control and harness the industry's leading technologies in a complete Tekin power system solution.
      CNC Machined 6061 T6 Billet aluminum Ribbed Heatsink Can
    Sensored and Sensorless operation.
    High Current Solder Tabs
    Rebuildable Design
    Neodymium Sintered Magnet
    Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
    Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness
      Weight: 4030: 11.5oz (341g)  4038: 14.25oz (404g)
    Shaft Dimensions: 19 x 5mm w/flat
    Motor Diameter: 1.57” (40mm) / 1.65” (42mm) including fin
    Motor Length: 4030: 2.80” (71mm)  4038: 3.0” (76mm)

    Price: $159.99
    210.58 CAD | 123.43 GBP | 143.35 EUR
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    Savage Flux/XL Extended Arm Conversion - From FastLane Machine


    Savage Extended Arm Conversion - From FastLane Machine *Extended upper arms included*

    Items may be drop shipped directly from FastLane Machine if not in stock in our facility(may take up to 3 weeks for processing).


    Price: $150.00
    197.43 CAD | 115.73 GBP | 134.40 EUR
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    Fastlane Stampede/Rustler Super Extended Chassis Kit
    Manufacturer: Fastlane Machine
    Based on 1 ratings. (View)


    Fast Lane Machine Complete Stampede or Rustler Extended Chassis Kit. This chassis kit is 1" longer than stock.

    Compatible with new VXL vehicles!

    Item may be drop shipped if not in stock - may take up to 2 weeks for drop ships during peak periods.

    This item not eligible for flat rate shipping.

    Price: $150.00
    197.43 CAD | 115.73 GBP | 134.40 EUR
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    Aluminum EMaxx Chassis - VMaxx
    Manufacturer: RC Monster
    Based on 1 ratings. (View)



    Introducing the RC-Monster "V-Maxx" chassis for the Traxxas Emaxx monster trucks.  As the first offering for our "Victory" series, the goal was to put as much Value and Versatility into the chassis as possible. Looks, durability and compatibility were driving forces for this chassis.


    In stock and ready for shipment!


    Main chassis is cnc machined from 1/4" 6061 billet aluminum. The machined plastic battery trays locate the battery packs below the top deck - maximum total ground clearance is achieved, while center of gravity is significantly lower than stock. The battery trays secure to the chassis using 4 M4 screws in each tray - solid setup. This also allows for custom battery tray configurations, such as standing the packs up and moving them in towards the center. The packs are secured using a 20" strap through the tray holding the pack along its length. Several cutouts allow use of the strap to position the pack forward or rearward, as well as take up extra strap length if using smaller packs. The tray pockets are approximately 49mm wide and 176.5mm long, allowing use of a wide variety of packs. 
    ESC can be located in multiple locations - near the rear like stock, slightly forward of the stock location(closer to tranny), and in the stock rx box location(this may be ideal for center diff installs, for example, or ERevo style motor mounting.). 
    Nearly identical to the stock chassis weight with all like components installed(battery holders on stock chassis, trays, screws and straps on V-Maxx chassis) - the Cg is very significantly lower, so handling will be notably improved, while retaining high center ground clearance and the legendary Maxx personality - this chassis retains the Monster Truck attitude, while improving durability, handling, looks and pure style!
    Stock length -  chassis braces included with the chassis.
    Components are positioned in their stock locations, allowing a direct, trouble free swap. If you have center cvds already, they still work. Servos will drop in directly, along with everything else(2 speed kit excluded presently - if we get enough requests, we should be able to make a 2 speed install kit). The stock body will be a direct fit without modifications.
    Removable transmission mounts - the separate, bolt-in tranny mounts locate the transmission in its stock location, allowing use of the stock center skid, stock center sliders or center cvds(anything designed for stock chassis will fit). Removal of mounts allows plenty of room for a center diff (up to around 52 tooth depending on placement) - Add our Universal diff/motor mount, Slipperential and V-Maxx center skid for bolt-on performance.
    Don't forget our Maxx Shock Towers - a perfect complement to this item!
    This item is not eligible for Flat Rate shipping.
    Price: $150.00
    197.43 CAD | 115.73 GBP | 134.40 EUR
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    Castle Creations Monster Motors


    Five motors based on Steve Neu’s awesome 15 series motors, and the brand new Castle 1717 motor are works of mechanical art. They feature high quality oversized bearings, sintered Neodymium magnets, superior electromagnetic design, and rigorous engineering control in our own factory resulting in a Monster motor we can put our name on.

    Neu-Castle 1512 1.5Y 1800kv motor is ideal for 1/8 buggies. More controllability than the 2650kv.

    Neu-Castle 1512 1Y 2650kv motor is great for 4s buggies.

    Neu-Castle 1515 1Y 2200kv motor is made for up to 6s Monster trucks.

    The efficiency of a motor determines its quality. Higher efficiency means better design and high quality components. The higher the efficiency of the motor the more power it can produce before it overheats. Here’s a little math, we promise it won’t hurt. Say you are laying down 1,000 watts, (about 1 ¼ horsepower), and your motor is 70% efficient. That means you are turning 300 watts into heat. Ever grab a 300 watt light bulb? If the motor is 85% efficient it only burns 150 watts as heat. More power goes to the wheels and the motor runs cooler and able to put out even more power when needed.

    Mamba Monster systems typically pull 4,000-5,000 watts (5 to 6 horsepower) under acceleration. These motors are some of the highest efficiency motors that we have ever tested; they are up to 85%+ efficient on our test rig. The more common Asian motors tend to show in the mid to high 70’s. At those power levels, one single point equals about 50 watts of heat! You know that soldering iron on your workbench? It’s maxed out at 50 watts. That’s a lot of heat; now consider wasting several times that much heat inside your vehicle. These motors can therefore put out significantly more power for longer periods than less efficient motors. Go ahead, run the motor you have on the shelf, we have a feeling you will find its heat limits quickly.

    Price: $149.99
    197.42 CAD | 115.72 GBP | 134.39 EUR
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    Castle Creations Mamba Monster controller






  • Up to 6S LiPo (25V) input
  • Switching BEC on board so you can use the BEC even with the 25V input
  • HUGE 6.5 mm gold plated connectors look great and really serve a purpose - they handle all that power!
  • Built-in cooling fan helps keep the Monster cool when he's working hard to shred your truck. 


    Retail Price:

    Mamba Monster ESC: $199.00

    Cells: 18 NiCad/NiMH
    6s LiPo
    Continuous: More than you can handle!
    Resistance: 0.0003 ohms per phase
    Brake: Proportional with adjustable curve
    Reversible: Yes - with lockout
    Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable
    Size: ESC: 2.2" x 1.9" x 1.4"
    Weight w/wires: ESC: TBD
    Connector Type: 6.5mm bullet




  • List Price: $199.95
    You save $49.96
    Price: $149.99
    197.42 CAD | 115.72 GBP | 134.39 EUR
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    Electric Conversion Kit - Losi 5ive


    Price: $125.00
    164.53 CAD | 96.44 GBP | 112.00 EUR
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