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  1. tekin r1mt
  2. cool, Tekins got its own forum
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  4. Tekin 1/8 Scale controller release date?
  5. Look at what Hong Kong got before us!!!
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  9. Anyone getting a RS Pro?
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  16. R1Pro Cogging?
  17. I'm geting a R1 pro thats been fried for $20
  18. Redline Sensored Motor Ratings
  19. Very dissapointed in tekins CS
  20. Tekin released their RX8!
  21. NEED to speak to a tekin rep, NOW!!!
  22. what cap should I use?
  23. Redline 358
  24. using the RS pro in a 1/8 converson?
  25. Got to drive the RX8
  26. question about the new 1/8 motors
  27. Which combo for the ERevo
  28. comparing Hotwire to castlelink
  29. T8 motor
  30. why only a 90 day warranty?
  31. Hotwire question
  32. When will the combos arrive?
  33. motor and cc esc
  34. no wire ?
  35. batt question for RX8
  36. Would 6mm bullets fit on the soldering posts
  37. Good Job Tekin
  38. T8 motors and RCM motor mount
  39. Anyone gotten to compare the RX8 to the Speedpassion?
  40. Thank You Tekin!!!
  41. software update
  42. Hotwire with Windows 2000
  43. RX8 truggy and buggy setups
  44. RX8 with Novak and Speed Passion Motors
  45. Sensor wires?
  46. Throtle and Brake curves?
  47. Are people running the RX8 yet?
  48. Can I use T8 motor with hobbywing 150 esc?
  49. What exactly does Hotwire do?
  50. External BEC needed for RX8 high voltage/Mech brakes?
  51. hotwire prob
  52. Tekin help smoked my new rx8..
  53. 2 Tekin questions, Both about BEC's
  54. Does this look right? RX8 system
  55. How are the Rx8 & T8's holding up?
  56. Trouble setting up the RX8
  57. No reverse!
  58. How did you setup you cutoff?
  59. my solution to braking fans...
  60. Fan P/N: TT3812
  61. bullit plugs and rx8
  62. Losi 8ight-T conversion with Tekin RX8 2250 combo
  63. Anyone know if you remove the switch( RX 8) if it voids your warantee
  64. Timing selection function in RX8
  65. Redline Sensored Kv equivalents..
  66. RX8 combos vs MMM combo's
  67. T8 Motor info and specs
  68. Mamba monster motor w/ RX8 esc?
  69. won my first race today
  70. what kind of mount the mosfet Tekin RX8?
  71. What's the largest truck anybody's run a T8 Truggy motor in?
  72. Tekin T8 1700kv truggy motor power delivery
  73. ESC setup and gearing
  74. pignon e-maxx
  75. got me a little problem
  76. How's tekin T8 motor doing now?
  77. ratio minimum recommended
  78. Why no auto LVC???
  79. Hot wire
  80. Technical data redline motor
  81. this is how a brand new RX8 looked like
  82. Rx8 throttle reverse problem
  83. Tekin 1550kv Truggy motor
  84. Tekin RX8 with T8 buggy motor problem
  85. Tekin R1 Motor Limit?
  86. RS Pro with brushed motor
  87. Tekin motor connection help
  88. Gearing help
  89. heat and heat again!!!
  90. this is the right way to do the welding in the RX8!
  91. tekin RX8 = 30 NTMFS4833N
  92. Thank you tekin
  93. Serious T8 issue
  94. Question for Tekin
  95. The brushlessboy16 curse.
  96. Can a tekin 8T motor burn a esc?
  97. Extra rotor?
  98. capacitors esc
  99. Best t8 motor for 4s?
  100. Help with ESC setup!
  101. Reverse rotation
  102. What the heck.I can not win T8 1750
  103. Weird: My throttle stays on for a second after I release the trigger?
  104. What does the Hotwire do?
  105. v1 or v2 how do i know?
  106. Intermitent glitching?
  107. RX8+2050kV Buggy - Started coggind and doesn't run anymore
  108. info tekin motor T8 2250kv
  109. Tekin T8 Motor = 4 pole sensored?
  110. Message x tekin
  111. MAX voltage on a RX8...
  112. Ghetto solder tab covers
  113. How waterproof is the RX8?
  114. motor question...
  115. brake to forward?
  116. RX8 hotwire question
  117. motor for hyper sc10
  118. Tekin RS & HotWire mistake?? Hope not!
  119. Tekin forum:I'm not worthy??
  120. Novak Motor???
  121. How to Identify
  122. Question about my RX8 setup in Truggy
  123. Dead RX8 in the middle of a main
  124. RX8 2050KV MOTOR+mamba V3 ESC?
  125. Castle Neu 2200 + Tekin Rx8
  126. Quick R1 question
  127. Capability of RX8 BEC
  128. theory, boost on a 1/8...
  129. r1 and hotwire problem:(
  130. so ive got a bent shaft
  131. so guess ill be calling tekin
  132. limit T8 motor tekin 2250kv trugghy
  133. measures ball bearing Tekin T8 motor trugghy
  134. RX8 is dead.... so I thought
  135. RX8 1700 truggy issues
  136. Truggy combos?
  137. Rx8 esc and broken case...
  138. can a t8 19000kv buggy motor be used on a erevo?
  139. 1700kv on 4s?
  140. Changing the rotor
  141. Tekin Hi Toque rotors..
  142. how many volts will the 21.5T handle?
  143. T8 rotor - which one?
  144. The diffrence between the old/new and truggy/buggy rotors
  145. tekin rx8 and t8 motor open
  146. Which Redline motor for slash???
  147. RX8 fried - help a noob please
  148. NEW- Tekin SC motors
  149. new tekin SC4X motors.
  150. difference HARDWARE heatsink red/black?
  151. sudden shutdown tekin rx8
  152. Reversed polarity RX8 and back to life
  153. RX8 - which fan?
  154. tech support
  155. Reciever setup.
  156. rx8 - strange behavior
  157. Need help my Tekin 1550kv motor is going crazy!
  158. Tekin hotwire setup?
  159. T8 fill the gap at the solderposts?
  160. 208 Software for RX8
  161. Tekin Hot Wire Help.
  162. rx8 will not find throtle positions with spekrtum radio
  163. T8 efficiency?
  164. Is this normal?
  165. Just ordered tekin 2050 buggy system
  166. link to what all the settings do
  167. Tekin buggy/truggy motor application diagram
  168. esc brakes
  169. T8 max rpm?
  170. nonwarranty repair costs ?
  171. which motor?
  172. Summit on 4S, help me choose the right motor for the RX8 system!
  173. Failsafe function of Tekin RX8 ESC
  174. Which motor for my new rc8be?
  175. RX8 on fire
  176. RS Pro phase rating
  177. Tekin Pro4 4-pole motor
  178. Tekin RX8 and RC8Te
  179. How come cutoff voltage of 6s higher than 18v will damage the RX8 esc?
  180. A Thank You
  181. want a 5th scale TEKIN system
  182. First RX8 finally went up in smoke