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markland556 02.06.2006 04:22 AM

My E-Maxx project so far...
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Well the only parts i need now are a new pinion, center CVD's and cvd boots.
Here is what my car consists of..

GorillaMaxx aluminum X-brace chassis
Integy Racer X Type 3 suspension
Hacker C50 motor
Sky & Technology Quark Competition ESC
FLM hybrid bulks
SuperMaxx 8 Spyder diffs
GorillaMaxx Carbon Fiber chassis extension
Aluminum tranny half
GorillaMaxx single speed conversion
SuperMaxx Steel Idler
Integy aluminum Front/ Rear bumper
Integy front skid plate
Integy wheelie bar
SuperMaxx CVD's
SuperMaxx 4 Gen servo saver
Hitec HSC-5597TG servo
Strobe slipper
Mod1 16t pinion
Aluminum Pillow Balls

Sylvester 02.06.2006 05:27 PM

Lookin very nice!

mmdooley 02.06.2006 05:51 PM

Man that is sweeeet!!

HotnCold 02.06.2006 05:57 PM

Sweet - welcome to the obsession. I started my maxx with the same motor - Take lots of pictures before she gets dirty. Sweet Ride....

crazyjr 02.06.2006 06:12 PM

Let us know how the Quark esc works, I am very interested in how it performs

coolhandcountry 02.06.2006 08:09 PM

I remember when my truck looked like that. I liked it clean. After a few crashes and bashes. It don't look the same.

maxxdude1234 02.07.2006 01:31 PM

Nice and clean looking....

boss 302 02.07.2006 04:23 PM

Nice work im also interested in how the quark performs let us know please

toby 02.08.2006 03:38 PM

looking sweet

captain harlock 02.08.2006 03:44 PM

Well, probably many of you have tried it, but for those who did not: Use two cans of wd40 and two cans of CRC quick dry spray to clean the truck without damaging the electronics and have a shiny truck like the one befor unless you have anodized aluminum with tons of scratches, well..just replace it.

stampy 02.08.2006 08:00 PM

mmmmm purdy :cool:

bigabike 02.09.2006 01:23 AM

WOW! That Looks great!

Where did you get the Aluminum tranny half? Who is the manufacturer?


Sneeck 02.09.2006 01:49 AM

Nice truck.

MetalMan 02.09.2006 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by bigabike
WOW! That Looks great!

Where did you get the Aluminum tranny half? Who is the manufacturer?


FLM makes it:
Scroll down about 1/3 of the way.

markland556 02.09.2006 01:11 PM

right now im stuck on how i need to hook up my SuperMaxx servo saver, do u use the stock tie rod that goes from the servo to the new servo saver?

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