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trev3813 04.23.2011 07:40 PM

Hpi Mini trophy build.
Hey guys, im getting one of these trucks sometime this week, and looking for some help. Running a sidewinder esc, 2~3s lipo, but what motor? I really wanted to order a neu motor, i want crazy torque, with mild speed, really i want to drift with it basically, in dirt of course. Building a flat track in my back yard, short coarse style. Any help?

Bondonutz 04.24.2011 01:47 PM

I would think a Castle 1410/SCT combo would be more excellent choice for this truck ?

Sure is cool looking RC, just got done previewing it at the HPI website and I'm impressed with the looks and function.

simplechamp 04.24.2011 02:52 PM

I really like it too, but I wish they would have made it solid rear axle. They picked one of the very few trophy trucks that has independent rear suspension to model it after. Although it still has trailing arms which is cool.

I agree one of the 14-series Neu/Castle would be a good choice of motor and cost less than a true Neu. Castle/Neu are also better suited for car use with the flexible silicone leads and a few other minor differences.

trev3813 04.25.2011 12:01 AM

Power's fun tho.. haha.

Bondonutz 04.25.2011 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by trev3813 (Post 405218)
Power's fun tho.. haha.

Beleive me, that 1410 on 2s will be absolutely crazy in that truck. Some guys here are running that motor in a 7lb buggy on 2s with no heat issues. The motor is a 4pole just like a larger 1500series NEU. Motor ans ESC can be found for 100.00 or less.

simplechamp 04.25.2011 04:44 PM

If you really want to go nuts you could get the 1415 2400kv on 3S, but I bet the 1410 will be plenty. Doesn't take much to "drift on the dirt" with a little 4WD truck like that.

Bondonutz 04.25.2011 05:15 PM

1410 will be over kill even on 2s :party:

trev3813 04.25.2011 09:01 PM

How about 1415 2400 kv on 4s? :P

simplechamp 04.25.2011 10:53 PM

V2/SCT Sidewinder can't run 4S so you'd need to go up to the MMP. Probably can be done for the novelty, but you might just end up with extra power you can't put to the ground. Keep in mind a 1415 on 4S is enough to toss around a 1/8 buggy. You'll be spending extra money with no real benefit besides the novelty of having a super overkill machine, but it's your ride, do what you like best.

trev3813 04.26.2011 10:08 AM

Nevermindddd. I think 2s will be fine, i just got done runnn my mini e-revo on 2s lipo and i forgot how easy they are to slide 0.o sct combo it is!

trev3813 04.28.2011 09:07 PM

It got shipped out today, should be here friday, running brushed on 2s till i can afford a new motor :/

trev3813 05.10.2011 09:36 PM

Need brushless! D:

Shitty phone pic.


trev3813 05.12.2011 03:02 PM

Monster build, :D lets just say it's gonna be overkill :yipi:

trev3813 05.14.2011 01:07 PM

Okay, i plan on stuffing a 1/8th motor in here, not for power, oh wait, hell ya for power! Haha, anyways, im looking for a center diff out of a buggy truggy whatever, but mike has to sell a motor mount for it, and do any have just "nubs" sticking out so i could bolt up t-maxx axle shafts to it, because right now thats how this is ran. Any help?

simplechamp 05.15.2011 02:02 PM

These are what you need: http://www.rc-monster.com/proddetail...d=RCMdiffshaft

They replace the regular drive cups with shafts that will allow the use of Traxxas driveshafts.

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