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jordan... 02.07.2008 09:46 PM


Looks AMAZING! That thing would look bad ass with a Traxxas Exo-Carbon wing.
Thanks alot!! The exo-carbon was my initial plan, but then i heard of all the people that have gone out on the first run and shattered them into pieces, so i've decided to go with something a little more sturdy, the traxxas wings sure are purty though...


it appears i no longer hold the record for the most expensive SuperMaxx
REALLY!!? wow, i thought i had been good on keeping the costs down :whistle: so far its cost me around $2000 US to get it to this stage, how much was yours all up clod??

ClodMaxx 02.08.2008 12:43 AM

well you did say your 600 doesn't even include electronics or motor yet. you'll see - it all adds up. just when you think you're just about done, you realize you have to drop another big chunk of change. :mdr:

$2k is pretty low though... maybe i'll still hold the title lol.

jordan... 02.08.2008 02:44 AM

yeh i know, i'm estimating around 600-700 for a motor, ESC, charger and lipo's. :gasp: plus the 600 for the other stuff. I'm getting giddy thinking about it :tongue:

but yeh, i have bought and sold alot on ebay making profits, and also found some really good deals. I got the VBS and 8 spyder diffs separately, but all up it cost me $450 for those parts. The tranny, slipper (including sprong and other goodies) and motor plate cost me a little over $150, and i got the racerX suspension (not including the setbacks) for $250!

so i have been able to get some bargains to keep the cost down over the build :yipi:

i don't doubt i'll be nipping at your heels soon though scott :rofl:

ClodMaxx 02.08.2008 10:53 AM

those are good bargains! i managed to find my towered VBS and 8 spider gears for $550, and i thought that was a great deal (considering brand new, all of those parts are around $1k). i think what put me over the edge, though, was the last part i needed: the lightning chassis. i had to buy an entire SuperMaxx roller just to get it, and sell the other parts off. :whistle: bye bye savings! lol.

the good news: you have an incredible truck and it's going to be so worth it when you finish your build. others may say the maxx platform is outdated, and i agree in stock form. but a UE truck is still like no other.

jordan... 02.08.2008 07:27 PM

Thanks alot!

I think the maxx platform is outdated as well, even the newer 3905 model. But a supermaxx is definately a whole different beast than an E-maxx.

You're lucky you got to even own a Lightning. Right now I just cant ustify spending $800+ for just a chassis :surprised:

BL_RV0 02.17.2008 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by jordan... (Post 147506)
Thanks alot!! The exo-carbon was my initial plan, but then i heard of all the people that have gone out on the first run and shattered them into pieces, so i've decided to go with something a little more sturdy, the traxxas wings sure are purty though...

how about a vantage wing?

jordan... 02.17.2008 11:30 PM

i must admit, the cf weave does look cool. But the design of the wing just isn't aggressive enough for my liking

jordan... 02.25.2008 08:51 AM

About time for an update me thinks. Well, I haven't really made much progress on the build. I just bought a new road bike so I'd feel guilty about dishing some more cash out onto my SM so soon :lol:

I have however flipped the tranny and diffs so I can mount the motor facing towards the rear, (thanks to Suicideneil for the suggestion) and also aquired a set of Ti VBS jounces. The rear skid needed a tiny tweak to get it to fit with the jounces but other than that everything ran pretty smoothly. Those jounces make a HUGE difference, now the front and rear ends feel really solid. Hopefully in an impact (if the truck ever sees one :whistle:) the jounces will act as a spring so the skid is taking the full force.

Enough of me, here are some pics, they're a little better this time because I didn't use the flash, so everything doesn't have a yellow tinge to it.






thanks for looking

suicideneil 02.25.2008 06:09 PM

I need a Kleenex.

You know whats weird, I spent sunday evening removing my X-brace motor mount and flipping the tranny around just like you have.... only my tranny (or the half thats left) is plastic, and it doesnt have a awesome strobe on it either....

I did however buy a new motor mount, and plan to use it as a template to make my own Gorillamaxx style single motor mount clones from a 3mm thick sheet of 6061 I also have aquired.

Now, if you could just turn off the date/time function on your camera, then I will have some really nice pictures to print off and drool over.....

supralover72 02.25.2008 07:09 PM

If you want I could photoshop that out on your pics for you.

Your truck makes me feel like a deli since I just made cream of mushroom soup in my pants.

jordan... 02.25.2008 07:23 PM

That motor mount clone idea is great Neil, maybe you could also make one out of 3mm thick carbon fibre, that would be awesome. Only thing that would worry me would be the flex i guess...

I can definately get rid of the time/date if you want. I'll take some pics tonight without the time/date and post em up. Probably won't be able to redo all of them, maybe just the side views and birds eye shots


Your truck makes me feel like a deli since I just made cream of mushroom soup in my pants.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

thanks alot

ClodMaxx 02.25.2008 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by supralover72 (Post 151405)
Your truck makes me feel like a deli since I just made cream of mushroom soup in my pants.

aaaaahahahahahahaha! ha ha! hee hee. :rofl:

jordan... 02.25.2008 10:59 PM

got some pics with no time/date, here they are...







knock yourself out Neil :tongue: :mdr:

Patrick 02.26.2008 05:53 AM

You should race it :whistle:, I know a track that races electric MT :yes: West Coast Model Rally Club
That would've fit in pretty well at our track up until about 4 months ago, but now we've mostly gone to truggys. The Gorillamaxx is still good though.
Even if you don't intend to race it, because of what it is (you might cry if you saw how some of the others got treated), you should still go to watch one night. MT's usually only race every 2nd week, which is this Friday night. Numbers aren't always that consistent. 5 is normal, but we had 8 a couple of meets ago, and 2 of us showed a couple of weeks after that (need 4 to have a class.)

jordan... 02.26.2008 06:56 AM

I've never really been into rc racing to be perfectly honest. I've raced go-karts for around 6 years and now I am moving into cars, so thats where I get my competitive race fix from :wink:

RC has pretty much been something that I can build, and see coming together before my eyes. Its alot cheaper than buying a 1:1 car and tuning that up (and probably provides better resale value), but still provides a pretty good engineering side to things. For example, the Revo suspension setup is nearly identical to that on an open wheel race car, pretty cool if you ask me...

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get the wheels and tyres, steering servo, wing, and body to get this thing into a full blown roller!!

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