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JERRY2KONE 05.14.2012 01:57 AM

Yes we know that Mike aka Bosox sold you the original EMaxxler chassis. It was surely unique and a pretty cool looking vehicle. I almost purchased it a few years ago myself, but after talking with the original designer about the condition of it I decided not to get involved. Matt had it for a while and came up with some changes to improve its regidity and overall capabilities, but could not afford to complete the project due to various setbacks, and ended up selling everything he had to Mike so he could get the project finished. Yes Mike also made some modifications to the original design to overcome the weak points on that chassis, and to better balance out the setup. The one you have now had some broken parts due to stress fractures, and I am not aware if any of those were ever repaired or replaced along the way. Mike did produce 25 of the new design (EMaxximus) in T6061 with carbon fiber accents in a few different colors (Yellow, red, blue, & black). He has had some serious health/medical issues over the past year and has not released any of them to date, but says that he does have plans of doing so at some point. We have all been awaiting that day.

Have you done anything with the one you have now? How about some updated pictures? I am curious to see if it still looks the same as it did a few years ago.

Chadworkz 05.14.2012 06:24 AM

I have gone over the eMaxxler chassis very well and it does not have any breaks, cracks or stress-fractures...it's Perfect! The only thing missing is the U-Clamp that holds down the steering servo, but I am milling an exact replacement for it.

The chassis is now Powder-Coated White, which looks really nice in Contrast with the Black Carbon-Fiber, Gold TiNi Spur-Gear & Titanium Driveshaft!

I haven't done anything with the chassis yet, because I'm waiting to find & buy another VBS or VBS-T, but I plan on building it up with some of the Rarer Parts like the UE Aluminum 16mm Widetrack Knuckles that I have, Widetrack Suspension with OG "Thin" Hi-Impact Lower A-Arms, 8mm All-Titanium CVDs, etc....plus I will be Powder-Coating and/or Anodizing all of the Aluminum & Titanium Parts in Contrasting Colors!

I also want one of the eMaxximums to build, so I can't wait until they are available!

P.S: Does anyone have a Blackbird they are willing to let go of?

JERRY2KONE 05.14.2012 08:31 AM

There were originally some plates/parts made out of clear plastic or lexan that were an intriquet part of the chassis. These parts had been damaged by fatigue and even though it would not be terribly difficult to reproduce these parts, for the price being asked at that time I decided it would be better to steer clear of the sale. One would have to remake these parts with a more durable material in order to aviod the same fait. I am not sure exactly what parts those were because it has been a long time since I last saw the chassis, but I also do not remember seeing any carbon fiber on it at that time, so maybe one of the owners in the chain of people who have possessed this original vehicle replaced the damaged parts with carbon fiber. These weaknesses were exactly why a lot of negative comments have been made about the chassis to begin with. I am sure in an attempt to make the chassis as lite as humanly possible too much material was removed making the setup seceptable to failures. This was why Matt & Mike were trying to make it better and improve the overall look and performance of the original design.

What you have is surely a one off design that has a unique look to it, and probably some very cool handling features as well, but it has also already been proven to have weaknesses that are inherent to its design if put under any real pressure through racing or serious bashing. Maybe some of the replacement parts have removed these weaknesses making it a more durable setup. Whatever the case you still have something that no one else in the world has, making it a somewhat valuable collectable item. Congratulations.

Chadworkz 05.15.2012 02:50 AM

Thanks man, I appreciate it, and I absolutely love this chassis! I am, however, going to remove the white powder-coat and rebuild the truck in all silver (VBS-T, 8-Spiders, Knuckleheads, DD Wingmount, Widetrack with Hi-Impacts & 16mm Aluminum Widetrack Knuckles, All Ti 8mm CVDs, Supershocks, Custom Ti VBS Skids, VBS Bumpers, UE Aluminum Wheels, etc.)!

I could be wrong, I have been lately, but I think the only original plastic/polycarbonate piece on the original eMaxxler Chassis was the Steering Servo Mount (I am milling one out of aluminum)...I believe the Chassis was designed with the Carbon-Fiber Inserts from the beginning, although I can't be 100% positive without talking to the original designer/machinist.

JERRY2KONE 05.15.2012 04:03 AM

Well I am positive that there were plastic parts on that chassis originally. I saw them and there were a few cracks in them with one piece completely seperated. Someone made new parts and replaced them with carbon fiber. I am not disputing what you may have received, but I know what I saw and was offered when it first came up for sale about 3 to 5 years ago. I to really liked the chassis setup, but once I got wind that Matt had purchased the chassis and was going to modify the design and elliminate the weak points I held out for an improved design. Then Mike took over the porject and made even more changes before he paid for his latest production run of 25 units. I may even have the old pics saved some place. I will have to do some digging and see if I can find them.

Chadworkz 05.15.2012 11:23 AM

Oh, ok...I would love to see what it looked like with the plastic instead of the carbon-fiber!

I guess I could mill out some 3mm polycarbonate (much stronger than lexan) and see what it looks like in person!

_paralyzed_ 05.18.2012 01:23 PM

I believe the pics Jerry is referring to are in one of "plettenbergs" threads. He was asking for advice about what to do to replace the cracked and broken servo mount. I'm pretty sure he added the carbon fiber in one of the threads too so you should be able to find "before" pics.

JERRY2KONE 05.18.2012 01:48 PM

YEP and here is one of them.


Chadworkz 05.26.2012 02:10 AM

Yea, I am working on milling one myself...I bought a 4-axis (4th is rotational) milling-vice which is clamped to my drill-press bed-way, and am just waiting on some 7075-T6 Aluminum stock to come in the mail, then I can mill a nice servo-mount!

I hope I can finish all these trucks before I am an old man!!!

All I need now (I think) is a Blackbird Chassis, Predator Chassis (silver UE version), and complete Gorillamaxx G2 or G3 Chassis and I will have a nice chassis collection!

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