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Klausen 05.29.2011 01:55 PM

Wheel/tires for SC8e
Hi guys

Recently bought a SC8e, and provide it with some cheap buggy wheels, where a dish broke after a bad jump, so now I am ready for some quality wheels/tires.

What do you guys suggest for a hard packed dirt track?

Bondonutz 05.29.2011 02:49 PM

Proline has a application chart on thier website.

I race on dry dusty tracks here in Fl and the PL Calibers in M3 are prob the favorite choice, AKA,J-Concepts also have great choices for the same conditions.

rootar 05.29.2011 09:06 PM

do you want buggy tires or SC tires? I run DE racing 17mm sc wheels with a set of AKA cityblocks for my 4wd usually.

fastbaja5b 05.29.2011 11:43 PM

For bashing I run the DE wheels and Proline Trenchers. Most 1/10 tyres look a bit out of scale (too small) on the SC8 tho!

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