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captain harlock 04.26.2016 07:52 AM

Monster! Where are you?!
I hope Mike is doing well. I really need his help with a few things and thought someone could get me linked to him soon enough.

I emailed him twice without luck, and also PMed him yesterday, and did not receive a respond yet.

Hopefully he's fine and well.

RC-Monster Mike 04.26.2016 10:23 AM

I Woke up yesterday to a failed well pump.....no water in the house! Spent the day learning a new trade...a little sore, but I have water and can take showers now! I will spend the better part of today playing catch-up on the weekend(and yesterday's) emails. Aside from that all is well, Alawi - thanks for asking. ;-)

captain harlock 04.26.2016 11:04 AM

Lol! Me and my dad had an adventurous experience with a water waste issue last summer....one heck of an experience it was...

Glad to hear from you, man! Do your best! :)

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