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BashemSmashem 08.03.2010 11:06 AM

I sold my Slash 4x4 after that bearing blew up on me in 2 different a mains ! The last one was an Avid bearing that I put in that same race day and it only had 4 runs on it when it blew up taking the center diff case and the spur gear out with it .

Bought a Hyper 10SC and have been VERY happy with it , the only things I have broken with it have been from my driving and not from something silly like that bearing .

The King Headz mount looks too be THE fix for this problem though and its what I would try before investing in expensive bearings that are still gonna fail after a while .

bruce750i 08.04.2010 12:16 PM

I've blown my rear input bearing on hyper 10 too. At least it don't traction roll like the slash.

Bondonutz 08.04.2010 03:01 PM

With 2 4x4 Slashes I go through these bearings frequently. I just bought a few packs and replace them every few runs.

Thanks for posting the KH's part, thats surely looks like the fix.

JoFreak 08.05.2010 09:38 AM

I just saw that FLM now offers a mount for a bigger bearing as well, together with an aluminum centerdiff housing: FLM 2600

kazuaki 08.05.2010 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by JoFreak (Post 375719)
I just saw that FLM now offers a mount for a bigger bearing as well, together with an aluminum centerdiff housing: FLM 2600

Based on the picture, it looks like it also includes the aluminum bushing required to run the slipper. Not a bad deal considering all that is included.

reno911 08.16.2010 04:19 PM

I just went through another two bearings, this time she killed the slipper as well. Wish I took some pictures. It appears the bearing seized and the heat built up on the aluminum slipper backing and caused it to crack f'd up the spur and pretty much everything. I had some extras but if she keeps dying on me I am selling the Traxxas aluminum mount and getting something with a larger bearing.

Losi LST2 08.16.2010 04:54 PM

I just got back from holidays and my kingheadz mounts was on the table waiting for me....i installed it today and it's awsome....way smother then the stock mount and bearing

I think the next upgrade for that area of the truck will be just the FLM center diff cup (FLM26010)

If i would have seen the FLM motor mount before i ordered the KHZ one i probobly would have bought that kit

reno911 08.27.2010 09:12 AM

Well now I have two Slash 4x4's and they are both on the side lines. It only took one run on a 3s pack with the VXL to melt the plastic adapter on the new one. My wife's had went through the last spare 10x15. So without wanting to splurge too much money for a fix I went with the Boca 5x15x5. I will be installing one on each truck. I hope this solves the problem for once. If not they will be put aside until I can splurge for the KH parts.

Arct1k 08.27.2010 09:21 AM

I would suggest ordering this from Mike!

Manufacturer: FastLane Machine
Part#: FLM26200
Motor Mount Kit

Made in the USA
Motor mount machined from billet 6061 aluminum
Diff cup machined from billet 7075 aluminum
Increased bearing to an 10x19x5 for durability
Eliminates bearing failure
Retains stock slipper set up as an option
Direct replacement
Includes all necessary hardware

Price: $57.00


reno911 08.27.2010 09:24 AM

I will most likely purchase one if the Boca doesn't last. Time will tell.

reno911 08.30.2010 11:34 AM

I found a 5x10x4 bearing lying around and slipped it into the 10x15x4 and it has been a decent fix for the waiting time I will have to endure for the Boca. Which should be here by today.

reno911 09.01.2010 11:51 AM

Got the Boca's 5x15x5 yesterday, went to Ace Hardware to pick up some 5mm washers and got them installed in both the 4x4s. I hope that this is a fix, especially for the one running the MMM/2650. As for the stock VXL, I think it will be a permanent fix. I am still pondering putting a larger 5x15mm washer in front of the bearing in the mount to keep dirt from getting in on that side, that is if I can find one.

Kind of a bummer that this truck takes everything I have dished out for it and that freaking bearing fails almost every time. Boca, better be the answer. Or I am going huge, flm probably.

rootar 09.23.2010 06:33 PM

i wanna see a mount that uses the good ole 8x16x5 most common and very durable...

Bondonutz 09.23.2010 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by rootar (Post 381286)
i wanna see a mount that uses the good ole 8x16x5 most common and very durable...

With 2 Slashes I go through bearings fast but at least they are cheap and easy to swap out.

Fast5sRevo88 09.23.2010 07:06 PM

I blew 3 of those bearings running the slipper; when i put the center diff in it, the problem stopped. This may be just a cuwinkydink, but installing the diff did seem to take some of the strain away from the rear of the truck.

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