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BrianG 08.28.2007 09:40 AM

Well, if you want to start playing now without the pin mod, just reduce the start power a little so you don't have as much snap. That's what breaks the pins. Then when you get the pins at some point, you can put them in whenever.

jnev 08.28.2007 10:10 AM

I will probably still wait until I have them. I would do this, but I don't even have electronics to test the car, so there isn't really a point. I am selling my rc18mt to buy a Neu 1515/1y, and then after that, test it with the MM ESC, and hope it doesn't cog too much, lol.

zeropointbug 09.05.2007 02:16 PM

If anyone is interested, I used a piece of traxxas driveshafts (female) and cut a chunk to put between the shifting dog and the other gear (the keyed part of the output shat). Second gear is always engaged this way, and I just used a 4mm screw and threaded into the dog shaft input on the tranny to prevent dirt from entering.

BrianG 09.05.2007 03:18 PM

Pictures would probably be much easier to visualize...

zeropointbug 09.05.2007 11:40 PM

HERE you go, pics at bottom...

BrianG 09.05.2007 11:42 PM

OK, I think I see. Won't the clutch arm simply go back into the clutch on braking or reverse?

zeropointbug 09.06.2007 12:01 AM

I don't think the clutch arm will help any, right now it's just hanging there loose. The two screws are a very tight fit into the alum. clutch housing (moon shaped holes), they should hold just fine.

BrianG 09.06.2007 12:06 AM

Oh, you did the moon-shaped-hole thing. I thought you came up with something different using the clutch arm. My bad. : )

jnev 09.08.2007 10:29 PM

I have all the parts so I am locking it into 2nd gear right now. This is a very stupid question, but how do you get the metal piece that you make the moon shaped cutout on out?

BTW - A little spring and one silver ball fell out. Are those pieces needed?

BrianG 09.09.2007 03:41 AM

Remove the gear (2nd) that is over it. Then you'll see a pin that holds the clutch in place.

The little spring, silver ball are parts that provide the tension to the clutch arm. There should also be a small grub screw as well, but that must have come out already since that it what holds the screw/spring in. None of those parts are needed at all. You might also want to pop out the plastic plug while you're at it. See the pic below:


The pic also mentions the ball, spring, etc. ;)

jnev 09.09.2007 09:10 AM

I am still a little confused though. I can't figure out how to get the whole clutch off. For the gray plug, do you push to get it off?

BrianG 09.09.2007 11:32 AM

The plastic gear that surrounds the clutch has to come off. That means the other gear in front of that one has to come off first.

The gray plug should just push out fairly easily.

jnev 09.09.2007 04:57 PM

Finally figured it out, lol. The gray plug was covered by the C clip, that I wasn't sure whether it was supposed to come out. Thanks for the help guys. Now, lets hope I can finish it before the week starts. :smile:

Thanks for all the help.

jnev 09.12.2007 07:34 PM

Once again another question... :lol:.

I made the moon shaped cut outs and everything else, but when I put the screws in, they seem to hit the gear below it, so the pan head does not rest on the clutch. Do I cut the head off of it, so that the thread will stay in and be flush at the top and bottom and so the gear above it can fit properly?

Or should I cut the head off and make the thread shorter...?

Not really sure here. Let me know ASAP, so I can get this tranny back together.

I can't imagine the screws in the picture above working...? Would the gear hit the top? BTW - I bought M4 10mm long screws.

BrianG 09.12.2007 09:31 PM

If the screws are 10mm long, they shouldn't go beyond the gear face. I don't know why they would but how much space is there between the screw head and the clutch? If it's just a little, I'd use a washer to take up the slack (really shouldn't matter) so that you can remove the screws if you need to.

There should be no clearance issues if you remove first gear.

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