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MindThoughts 06.23.2010 02:27 AM

Hyper 9e Carbon Fiber Chassis. Kevlar, Aluminum & Carbon Fiber by MoosRacing. Sweet.
John of MoosRacing is making these Carbon Fiber Chassis for the Hyper 9e. Apx 100.oo Dollars.
These carbon fiber chassis also come in Black, Red-Orange, and Green(Pictured).
The Hyper 9e Chassis is Made of Carbon Fiber-Kevlar-Aluminum. Strong and Flexible. 20% of 1/8th scale Racers in Europe are raceing with Johns Carbon Fiber Chassis and Shock Towers. These Chassis do not Break, and are more flexible than the stock metal(aluminum) chassis. It's a win win situation.


Hyper 9e Carbon Fiber Chassis with Carbon Fiber Side Guards. These Carbon Fiber Chassis do not require any modifications in order to use. Same Length, Width, and front end Kickup as the stock chassis. And These Chassis are several ounces lighter than the stock metal chassis as well.

These chassis are hand made in a mold.

These Chassis do not break, and are more flexible than the stock chassis.

If you have any questions, Please contact John of MoosRacing Directly. I know only what I've read and what John has told me directly, and I've shared almost everything I know with you here in this post. I hope this information is helpful. I'm buying everything John makes in Carbon Fiber, for my Hyper 9e. Matching Green Shock Towers and Anything else John will make in Carbon Fiber. Bellow, is Johns Direct Home Page, which also has a link to Johns most recent web page, and I will also include Johns Direct Email Address should you wish to order a Carbon Fiber Chassis for your 1/8th scale Hyper 9e. John also makes carbon fiber chassis for several other 1/8th scale buggies, please see Johns web page for more information.

John of MoosRacing- Web Page:

Johns Direct Email Address:

I've also written Robert, At Matrix Concepts Inc, Robert also makes extreemly high quality Carbon Fiber Chassis and more. I highly recumend you see Roberts web site as well. To learn more about Roberts Unique Racing Carbon Fiber Processes with Servicable Carbon Fiber Chassis, ie Replaceable-Built into chassis skid plates, and replaceable droop screw receiver plates. I'm sharing with you what I've learned. This information is meant to get you started on your own journey to discover the incredible wourld of Carbon Fiber Racing Chassis & Shock Towers. Note: at the moment, Robert of Matrix Concepts is Specializing in Carbon Fiber Chassis for the Losi 8ight-E. But I encourage you to contact Robert and let Robert know you need a Carbon Fiber Chassis for your Hyper 9e, if Replaceable(Built into the Chassis, do not protrude beyond the bottom of the chassis) Skid Plates and Replaceable Droops Screw Plates ie. a serviable Carbon Fiber Chassis, is a nessesity for you and your racing needs. I hope this helps, and I hope you find this information helpful. and please feel free to post up any pictures of your Carbon Fiber Chassis and your experiences with these chassis, once you've recieved your order.

Direct Link to Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc :-)

hyper9e 06.23.2010 03:59 PM

Nice review, I might have to pick one up for my 9e...

Ryu James 06.24.2010 01:32 AM

cool stuff. i have been seeing this moos racing all over the place in the past week. i have to admit, the pics you posted look much better than the pics on his site. i would love to see his chassis person. they look pretty good and would love to see how this "blend" compares to regular carbon. thanks for info.

simplechamp 06.24.2010 06:07 PM

I'm picking one up for my Jammin buggy on Monday.

AMorgan 06.25.2010 01:48 PM

He made some 8ight-E specific chassis that I want bad, but I've been unable to get in contact with him. A guy from France posted a picture of one and it's exactly what I want.

MindThoughts 06.25.2010 04:40 PM

John of MoosRacing is extreemly backed up right now with orders. If you email John(of MoosRacing) and let him know what you need and to please send you a paypal invoice, that will be the best way to get your order going as fast as possible. John has dozzens and dozzens of emails from people that ask many questions and seem to not know what they want yet. Whereas if you email your specific order, that's the way to go. Also, the losi 8ight-E can be ordered and paid for by way of Johns new web page. Just go to the main MoosRacing web page and press the link to the new web page, the losi 8 chassis are available for order right there, among a few other models. If anyone has a 1/8th scale RC model that wants a carbon fiber chassis for a model that is not listed, you can ask for that model to be special ordered and be specific with your needs and what you know you want. This will move your order along as quick as possible. I hope this helps. And also keep in mind that Robert of "Matrix Concepts Inc" Also makes extreemly high quality carbon fiber chassis for the losi 8. With replaceable carbon fiber skid plates and droop screw plates. The skid plates are also built into the chassis and therefore sit flush(do not protrude) beyond the bottom of the chassis. It's your choice. Also, both manufacturers prices start at just over $100.oo. John of MoosRacing sells his carbon fiber chassis from about $100.oo and up to about $150.oo depending on the model. Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc, sells his carbon fiber chassis for $109.oo and also offers a complete carbon fiber kit with aluminum couplers and drive shafts. Please write/email the manufactures directly with any further questions. And know that your order will most quickly be expedited, if you place that order today, or as soon as is possible for you to do so. I hope this information is helpful to you.


Originally Posted by AMorgan (Post 371303)
He made some 8ight-E specific chassis that I want bad, but I've been unable to get in contact with him. A guy from France posted a picture of one and it's exactly what I want.

MindThoughts 06.25.2010 10:29 PM

Congratulations on your new Carbon Fiber Chassis. Please post lots of pictures.

Originally Posted by simplechamp (Post 371205)
I'm picking one up for my Jammin buggy on Monday.

That's great simplechamp,
Please post lots of pictures showing us your new Jammin Buggy Carbon Fiber Chassis before and after assembly. please also let us know what you think of the chassis and what your experience is of ordering, purchase and racing with your new chassis. Thank you simplechamp. Look forward to seeing pictures of your new carbon fiber chassis.

MindThoughts 06.25.2010 11:50 PM

Hyper 9e Carbon Fiber Chassis, 6mm Shock Towers, Radio Tray and Side Guards.
This is another picture of my Completed MoosRacing Carbon Fiber Chassis, with Carbon Fiber 6mm Shock Towers, and Carbon Fiber Radio Tray; and also the Carbon Fiber Side Guards. All these parts are made by hand in a mold. All High Quality Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Aluminum for strength and flexibility. All parts made with hand made molds. MoosRacing now taking orders. Production time period is about one to two weeks, and one to two weeks shipping. Email John of MoosRacing to place your order.


This picture bellow shows the hardened steel droop screw reciever heads John uses in all of the carbon fiber chassis he makes, in order to protect the carbon fiber chassis from the droop screws grinding into it.


AMorgan 06.26.2010 01:59 AM

Awesome, he got the new site up. I'll probably order an 8ight-E chassis shortly.

MindThoughts 06.26.2010 02:41 AM

High Quality Hand Made(in a mold) Carbon Fiber Chassis for 1/8th Scale.

Originally Posted by AMorgan (Post 371368)
Awesome, he got the new site up. I'll probably order an 8ight-E chassis shortly.

Awesome, You've found Johns new web site. Once you've recieved your MoosRacing Carbon Fiber Chassis, please post lots of pictures, before and after assembly. And share with us your complete experience of buying the chassis and finally racing with your new chassis. I Look forward to reading about and seeing(Pictures) your experience. Also, think about what color carbon fiber chassis you would like. Red, Black or Green. As you can see in previous post, I chose the Green. All Johns Chassis Look Aweseome. But that cool look is just the icing on the cake. It's the quality of the Chassis Flex and the lightweight(a few ounces lighter than stock) aspects of this chassis that will most inhance your practice and racing experience.

AMorgan 06.26.2010 12:18 PM

Pricing is good, probably going to wrap up my slash project before ordering, but the 8ight-E chassis was on my "need" list. I'll probably order it in the next week or two.

simplechamp 06.28.2010 12:30 PM

Just ordered my Jammin buggy chassis. Can't wait to try it out. It is electric specific so it doesn't have the extra holes a nitro chassis would for the engine mounting and clutch clearance slot.

MindThoughts 06.30.2010 02:23 AM

I Recieved My MoosRacing Carbon Fiber Hand Made Chassis. Kevlar-Aluminum-Carbon Fiber
Words can only begin to describe how happy and grateful I am that John of MoosRacing now makes these Carbon Fiber Chassis for the Hyper 9e. John also makes Carbon Fiber Chassis for Many 1/8th scale RC's as well. Be sure to contact John Directly to place your order.


Pictured bellow is a Carbon Fiber Radio Tray for the Hyper 9e.


Pictured Bellow you can see the BulkHead/Gearbox FootPrint for the Gasket- in the Chassis. Also notice the Hard Steel Droop Screw Reciever Head- at the Bottom of this picture.



These Carbon Fiber Chassis Start at about $100.oo Dollars and you can add all the accessories you would like, ie Shock Towers, Side Guards; Radio Tray; Center Diff Top Plate; Rear Chassis Brace and or anything you may need for your race buggy. All These Parts are built/made for Racing. John has been making Carbon Fiber Chassis for over Four Years now. And The very first Carbon Fiber chassis John made are still going strong.





Pictured bellow is the Bottom View of the Hyper 9e Carbon Fiber Chassis.



simplechamp 06.30.2010 10:45 AM

Just curious MindThoughts, what is your connection/relationship with Moos Racing?

MindThoughts 06.30.2010 11:54 AM

My connection to John of MoosRacing.
I'm just a very happy customer. I've been looking for ways to fix up and improve the performance of my Hyper 9e. And also make the buggy as light as possible. Many of us on the rctech forum have been writing Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc. And asking if Robert would make us a carbon fiber race chassis for the Hyper 9e. Someone on the Hyper 9e thread on rctech discovered MoosRacing and John of MoosRacing said he would make one and to give him one week. All of us were absolutely shocked that someone was going to make us a quality(from a mold) carbon fiber chassis. I'm just sharing this awareness with others. And from the number of people that are viewing this thread, it is clear that this technology is quite popular. I'm extreemly excited and also very grateful. I think my excitement shows when I talk about John of MoosRacing and Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc, crafts. Each of these two companies are doing things with carbon fiber that many said could not be done. Thank you for asking. And I will continue to keep this thread up to date with pictures and data, as it relates to this Carbon Fiber chassis and parts. Special thanks to John of MoosRacing for making these carbon fiber race chassis for anyone that would like to own one. Also special thanks go to Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc. It is Roberts Carbon Fiber Chassis and learning about this technology, that made me know that all my race buggies from this day forward, will always have all the carbon fiber parts possible, and that starts with the Carbon Fiber Chassis.


Originally Posted by simplechamp (Post 371789)
Just curious MindThoughts, what is your connection/relationship with Moos Racing?

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