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Serum 03.18.2007 07:35 AM

1 Gb of free storage for movies/pictures..
I was wandering around and discovering my Gmail account;

I noticed a button which directed me to http://picasaweb.google.com/

You can download their software and easily upload pics and movies to their site. Since the limitation is 1Gb, and their 'standard' setting is 1600X1200 it takes quite a while to upload till the full 1Gb.

sounds like advertisement, but i know what a PITA it is to some people to host their movies/pictures. With this site these troubles are gone and it's an easy to use and intuitive page.

It also has got an easy to use 'link' button to directly copy/paste on this forum.

captain harlock 03.18.2007 08:15 AM

Is that your Savage? seems like it.

Serum 03.18.2007 08:24 AM

It was more about the storage.. :)

squeeforever 03.18.2007 12:33 PM

OOO...Savage. I wanna see. :)

KiZ 03.18.2007 12:57 PM

and if you have lots of large videos, try www.mediafire.com

They allow free hosting of any kind of file, with no restriction on the amount!

They are the best upload site that currently exists on the web, no strings attached.

The only thing its not so good for is photos, because there is no gallery function, its best for hosting all those large videos and zipped up high res photo packs you cant fit on your normal gallery host.

mkrusedc 10.15.2007 11:31 AM

Thanks Serum and KiZ. This is very helpful. I post alot of pics with my posts but was going to have to buy a subscription or have a few accounts and this solves my problem.

extremexmods 02.16.2009 05:45 PM

http://www.shareapic.net will pay you money to upload your pics, the more people view your pictures, the more you earn. I really have no experience with them because I don't have any pictures to post, but maybe you guys would want to give them a try, getting some extr money might be nice considering the high cost of our hobby. You can upload unlimited pictures, and everytime your pictures receive a total of 1000 views (views for all of your pictures combined) you earn 22 cents. They pay through papyal.

plettenbergs 02.16.2009 06:06 PM

i also use picasaweb.google.com for my videos with great success!
i also use picasa for all my pics...very easy to upload,view and edit pictures!
i give it an A++...and its FREE!

Hardstyle 02.17.2009 08:26 AM

+1 To that. Very simple to use.

tha5150 03.03.2009 12:16 PM

zumodrive is nice too guys.. it looks like a network drive for a simple drag and drop. best one i have used besides MobileMe of course. ;)

redshift 04.24.2009 12:53 PM

Is mediafire that much of a pain?

Ok guys I have used mediafire for about 6 videos, almost everyone I send page links to has trouble. I happen to like it quite alot, and I DO NOT want to use YouTube, they have audio ID software and I've seen many vids where YT has removed the music- and I don't want to answer/ deal with comments from certified morons...

I've checked out all of the above options listed in this thread for uploading and I like MF the best, but I also want it to be easy for the recipients to use. The main issue seems to be, people get thrown by some bs ads/ new windows when 'click here to download now' is pressed- but it's a simple matter of clicking back off the link page as soon as the download starts.... do I just need smarter friends lol?

Here are the lengths YT has gone to to avoid DRM issues with the whineass "constantly crying poor" record labels.. unbelievable.


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