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E-fanatic 02.01.2013 04:51 PM

Just mud guards and skid plates. That's it. Its a solid buggy. I have yet to have to replace a part. I have 5k oil front, 10k center, and 3k rear diff.

Brokenparts 02.14.2013 04:34 AM

The right truck? For me? Yes. I like the mass behind a brushless powered monster that gets a wild hair on its ass every now and then. The racer-x suspension adds too the way it handles. Combine that with the powerstroke shocks and you have a lethal combination of fun. 40 series Micky Thompson' are in the mail on their way to my house. Castle 1717 on 6s?????? Maybe

Brokenparts 02.14.2013 04:49 AM

When I put titanium skids on the truck, the bulks seem to hold up better. I think the added rigidity of the skids contributed. Or maybe it was a temperature change but it took a pretty good lick the other day with a wooden fence with the ridiculously wide offset monster pirate wheels.

pinkpanda3310 02.14.2013 07:20 AM

The maxx is fun... lots of fun. The handling seems to have a bashing sweet spot compromise of low cog vs ground clearance so it handles reasonably well over various terrains. As others have mentioned though, it needs a certain amount of upgrading to roll with the punch's that other cars can deal with in stock standard form.

Brokenparts 02.14.2013 08:13 AM

True. When the E-Maxx first came out, I was too young to own one. I think its reputation has been over looked by some of the younger crowd? It was the monster truck to have back in its day. The aftermarket parts list clearly shows that. It holds a special place in my heart so I guess I am biased, lol.

There are better platforms out there now, no question. The savage I have has been borderline indestructible except for the shocks and diffs and that is out of the box! But it will never be a Maxx to me.

mmdooley 03.20.2013 03:29 PM

Why not use 1/8 parts when you upgrade your e-maxx? Cuts down on broken parts,and theres a lot of 1/8 parts out there for an e-maxx

lincpimp 04.23.2014 02:02 PM

The LST is a much better platform for brushless. After locking the trans in forward only, single speed, you need a motor mount, battery tray and aluminum c hubs. I set my diffs up correctly and have not had an issue...

E-fanatic 04.23.2014 06:22 PM

I had a brushless lst2. Loved it. It was a tough truck

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