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nitrostarter 05.23.2011 11:24 PM

Unconventional Rustler build
To start, I sold just about all I had except for a couple small dollars items that weren't worth trying to sell. Life and future plans were beckoning and I needed to save the money instead. Then I decided to get a small truck running for my nephew to play with.

This project started out with an old Nitro Rustler(probably 2001 model). It was my brother's first and only R/C as he was turned away by the problems and filthiness of nitro.

SO fast forward to about 6 months ago. I was looking at this truck sitting there collecting dust and decided I was going to do something with it. I took some aluminum angle bracket and hurriedly cut out a motor mount. I removed all nitro associated parts and cleaned up what I was left with. I cut up the fuel tank support for added room. I then modified the transmission input shaft to accept a new Revo-spec slipper clutch setup. I put a VXL system in it and ran it like that for a month or so. I got tied up in school and work and lost track of this truck.

Then about 2 weeks ago, I decided to finish this truck up. I realized I had a SC10 body that was lightly used(1 race on it) and decided I would make this truck fit the body and make a low CG Slash basher.

I researched the specs of the N. Rustler and compared them to the Slash, specifically the wheelbase. The Slash was about 2" longer than the Rustler in wheelbase, so I now knew how much I had to add. (a picture below shows the added length.)

I had some 1/8" thick 6061-t6 alu sheeting laying around from another old project. I traced out the stock Nitro Rustler chassis front to middle section on the aluminum. Then added 2" from a middle point in the wide part of the chassis and then continued to trace out the remaining rear end of the rustler chassis. After about an hour of cutting and sanding on the chassis I was done. So I bolted everything back up and got the Rustler rolling again.

I then needed a way to secure the battery to the chassis. I decided to take a scrap of the 6061 alu sheeting and cut a rectangle out. Then I drilled and tapped 2 holes(10/24 threads) into the rectangle and fastened it to the chassis. This sandwiches a Velcro strap in which my battery is secure to. It also strengthened and eliminated the little bit of flex there was. The front of the battery tucks under the chassis top plate. All screw holes were countersunk as well.

I decided to use the Castle SV2(cheap) and Feigao 540 9L motor(reliable), geared 22/68 32p, in the truck on 6 NiMh for now. By the way, the Feigao motor is about 6 years old as I picked it up in 2005 and used it in my original brushless Emaxx. Its been in multiple Rustlers and other projects as well.
Its also running a set of Pro-line Hammer tires which I picked up on eBay BNIB for $8 shipped.
Steering servo is a Futaba 3305.

I was originally going to give this truck to my nephew. But after a couple spins in the yard and the street, I think I'll keep it for myself! The added length is great! It tracks so straight at top speed and just goes! No wheelie-ing at all! (until I go 3s of course). I think a couple things attribute to the handling, 1 being the mid motor style and secondly the positioning of the battery.

You will see a stock Traxxas AM radio in there now, but a new Traxxas 2.4ghz radio is en route to replace that. (sold a couple items to pay for the new stuff so no out of pocket yet)...

I decided not to run the SC10 body as I like the look of the low-slung chassis, big tires and the stadium lid.

Here are some pics:

Future things to do:
-New motor mount, same material and same style, just nicer and cleaner cut.
-New motor(maybe), love the Feigao as its plenty powerful and runs COOL! but I may have a steal on a Neu the same size and Kv and man I love the Neu's.
-New tires, looking at the Proline Desperado wheels and Proline Dirt Hawgs
-New servo, Futaba is a great and reliable servo, but I want a quicker servo.

What's_nitro? 05.23.2011 11:47 PM

Yayyy Rustler! :yipi:

bigsteel 05.23.2011 11:47 PM

So it's how the slash should have been built? Low CG,tough easily available parts and it handles well. Sounds like it runs great! Doesn't look to bad either for some scrap aluminum ,lol .--josh

_paralyzed_ 05.24.2011 12:49 AM

An R/C relapse is nothing to make light of. I know the other members here have accepted, maybe even encouraged your recent behavior. You have to realize they are caught in the grips of their own addiction, and seek out like minded individuals.

It's clear to me that your addiction has come back full force, and perhaps even progressed. Cleaning off nitro smutz just to get a fix certainly sounds like the rock bottom to me.

I pray you will be alright. Unfortunately, the path you are on leads straight to death.

Could I get that rustler if you do die? I've got an MM and an aveox lying around somewhere that would really make it move....:whistle:

nitrostarter 05.24.2011 06:41 AM

Haha! Thanks for the kind words confirming my own diagnoses as well. I feel, just like a crackhead, R/C is a lingering addiction which is easily sparked back into full relapse like you stated. I'm hesitant and double checking any purchase necessary to be made. So far I haven't come out of pocket yet... And this little guy is quite fun and strong! So hopefully I can continue to fight the full on relapse as my pockets are empty and need replenishing after dropping large wad of change on a ring for the soon to be misses...

Dj_Sparky 05.24.2011 07:47 AM

What does your nephew think of your decision to keep it for yourself? :P

I really like that car. Looks quite good. But those screws that are sticking out of the battery plate could be dangerous to the battery? You should grind those down.

nitrostarter 05.24.2011 09:58 AM

Well my nephew didnt know he was getting it either so it won't hurt... He will be getting the whole package tho: car, batteries, charger and all.

I have since cut those screws to proper length. I'm looking for a piece of thin, sticky-back foam to place over the metal as well.

Dj_Sparky 05.24.2011 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by nitrostarter (Post 407208)
Well my nephew didnt know he was getting it either so it won't hurt... He will be getting the whole package tho: car, batteries, charger and all.

I have since cut those screws to proper length. I'm looking for a piece of thin, sticky-back foam to place over the metal as well.

How come you want to foam the metal? Should act like a heatsink as it is..

BrianG 05.24.2011 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by Dj_Sparky (Post 407210)
How come you want to foam the metal? Should act like a heatsink as it is..

I'd suspect it was for the battery tray.

Nitrostarter, for the sticky back foam, go to Michael's, the craft section at Wal-Mart, or any large craft store. They have 8.5"x11"x1/8" sticky back foam sheets in various colors.

Or, get some of the widest foam rubber (works better than the regular foam kind) weatherstripping from any home improvement store and lay down multiple strips.

BTW: Cool build!

Bmr4life 05.24.2011 01:23 PM

Ha, man. I had the exact same idea for my high speed rustler. Flip the trans around to help with wheelies (electric has the motor in the back). I ran into problems with battery placement which would make the chassis to long for the body to fit. I eventually gave up on it.

Nice job!

bruce750i 05.24.2011 02:04 PM

I've been eyeballing my e-jato for a Sc stretch also. Very similar in some ways. Yours looks great. Are those single speed tranny's?

nitrostarter 05.24.2011 02:17 PM

Thanks BG. I'll be sure to check around home depot.

Yep, the nitro rustler transmission is single speed.

Thanks for the complements! I may have to get that SC10 body mounted for options.

nitrostarter 11.07.2011 10:25 PM

Just a curiousity question, would the Castle SCT esc power a CC2650 on 3s in this rustler without problems?

The SCT is powering an old 1500kv Feigao XL lookalike on 3s right now with no problems. I suspect it wouldn't be an issue.

lincpimp 11.08.2011 10:21 AM

That is the sidewinder based sct esc right? I maxxed mine out on 3s with the 3800kv 1410 motor in a pede... So I am not sure how well it will do with the bigger castle motor. I would say you should run an external bec, and maybe a fan...

Should work with the weather we have now, not so much in the LA summer!

And BTW hows life dude? Been a while since we talked. Got married yet?

lincpimp 06.13.2017 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by nitrostarter (Post 422542)
The added length is great!

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that....

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