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Ventman 01.21.2005 04:21 AM

7018 Refuses to Calibrate
Hey there all, I got my brushless setup about 3 days ago(Lehner Basic 4200/ Warrior 7018) and I've had nothing but trouble out out of the Warrior. After I got all the connections soldered up and good to go, I followed the directions to calibrate the controler to my radio (Hitec 2-chan Lynx AM 75MHz), but it wont give off any beeps. I've tried both with a reciever pack and with the BEC, and neither set helps. Operation is also sub-par as I need to throttle up just right to even get the motor to act somewhat normal. Gunning it is out of the question, as it will just sit there basically usless. And here's the weird part; with the BEC, it's almost normal, but throw a reciever pack on instead of using the BEC, and it starts to cut out, like something inside was disconnecting and reconnecting. I've been seeing some mixed reviews of the Warrior's on other sites, but I wanna see if I can get this to work or somehow repaired/replaced first before giving up on this controler brand.

MaxxFusion 01.21.2005 07:42 AM

First off welcome to the board. Did you use these instructions?

How to program your BK controller

RC-Monster Mike 01.21.2005 09:07 AM

The sequence is extremely important when setting this up. Here is another question: when you used the receiver pack, did you remove the black BEC jumper? Please follow the instructions on the site to the letter and let me know if you have any more problems. We will get you up and running in no time. Welcome to the forum, by the way!

Ventman 01.21.2005 04:16 PM

Alright, here's my procedure breakdown:
1. Connect the ESC to the motor and Rx ((CHECK))
2. Remove Red jumper block ((CHECK))
3. Connect main power up ((CHECK))
4. Wait for the first beep for setting neutral position ((just sits there))

Yes, I had to cut away some of the shrink to get to the BEC jumper. I've tried the above procedure with an Rx pack as well as adding 'turning on the Rx pack' between steps 2 and 3.

I'm still not quite sure this is the right controler for the application I have, I've been hearing the higher the cells you put into it, the less of a cogging problem it seems to have, however the RS4 MT is restricted to 6 cells in stick or saddle config, and I really don't feel like tearing up my stick packs and modding a discontinued kit. Might just have to try another controler better suited for a low cell count.

RC-Monster Mike 01.21.2005 04:47 PM

Here are a couple things to try. First, make sure your transmitter is on before you plug anything else in. Another key thing to make sure is that your throttle/brake channel is not reversed on your transmitter (for some reason, this affects it). Use the bec or use a receiver pack(with bec jumper removed), just don't try to use both. Once everything is connected (motor connected to controller and receiver plug plugged into the receiver - throttle channel not reversed), here are the steps:

Turn on your tx
plug in rec. pack (if applicable)
plug in main battery and wait approx. 5 seconds
After beep, go to full throttle and hold until another beep
After beep, go to full reverse and hold till you here two beeps.
put down the tx, plug the red jumper back in and turn everything off.
This should work. If the motor then spins backwards, remove the red jumper while everything is on and wait for the beep. after the beep, put the red jumper back on and go play. Please check to make sure your throttle channel is not reversed and carefully follow these instructions. With a receiver pack, you won't notice ant cogging.

Ventman 01.21.2005 05:43 PM

By now, I've at least tried every which way 3 times already, this thing just won't cooperate. I'm calling it a dud. :P

RC-Monster Mike 01.21.2005 05:48 PM

I know it can get frustrating sometimes, but it is probably something simple we are overlooking. Take a break, smoke a cigarette, kick your neighbors dog and then come back to it. :)
J/K, don't smoke-its bad for you! :)

HotnCold 01.22.2005 07:08 AM

If you want - i have two little pain in the A$$ little yapping dogs next door - Ill go out and kick them upside down for you - j/k. Im sure this is something simple - if your using a receiver battery ( i know this is stupid but ) is it charged? I've been down this road before - is your throttle at 0% on your transmitter if applicable?

RC-Monster Mike 01.22.2005 11:30 PM

Any luck with this yet?

Ventman 01.22.2005 11:42 PM

Rx pack is 4 alkalines, fresh outta the package. I have knobs on my radio to tune the channels, the 12-o-clock position is center, I had to turn it to around 3'ish to get it around what I can call neutral.

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