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monkeymaxx 03.04.2005 09:08 AM

Nitro is my game
I am running 3 nitro trucks ,Iam waiting for the G3 kit for my Picco 26Tmaxx. I was woundering if you guy ran nitro cars too other than the Emaxx's I have read about . Also is this a new sight it is set up wicked just not many photos.Soom really usefull advice though thanks Imin the uk:eek:

RC-Monster Mike 03.04.2005 09:11 AM

Welcome to the forums! We also run the nitro stuff, but brushless seems to be a mystery to most folks, so we focus on that a lot. There are a few forums for the nitro stuff as well. Glad you like the site!

MaxxFusion 03.04.2005 10:34 AM


You can check out our Photo Gallery to see some pics.

HotnCold 03.04.2005 04:33 PM

Well it seems im always the #3 persone to welcome a new member - seems fitting.. Welcome to the RC-Monster family....

toby 03.04.2005 04:35 PM

hey.. welcome.. off topic but how did you guys make them pictures?

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