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MaxxFusion 12.28.2004 08:02 PM

Welcome Guests and Members
We would like to welcome all to the RC-Monster Support Forum. This is a place where to can ask any question you need an answer to. We have a lot of knowledgable people here that can get you the right answer to your question. We encourage you to register and be a part of the RC-Monster family.

Thanks and enjoy.

Welcome to our home.

Waxxxymunkee 08.04.2005 01:12 AM

Im a new just wanted to say hello still trying to find my way around this forum so please bare with me

Serum 08.04.2005 01:20 PM

And if you have got any questions, feel free to ask..!

swiftneed 08.13.2006 10:46 PM

Finally a forum I can just read and learn from. everyone has so much knowledge on the brushless motors or BL as I learned, and let me tell you hooked.

squeeforever 08.13.2006 10:56 PM

Welcome! Glad you like it here like so many others. This really is THE place for brushless info.

captain harlock 08.14.2006 05:27 AM

Yes, indeeeeeed it is.

Joe Ford 08.15.2006 01:21 PM

Just added myself to the member list. If you guys have or know of anyone with Castle products that are having a problem or just need some ?'s asked, send them my way. BTW is there a vendors forum on here? I didn't see one.

RC-Monster Mike 08.15.2006 01:36 PM

Welcome aboard, Joe! I will add a Castle Creations forum section to make it easier for you to assist in supporting your fine products. I greatly appreciate you signing up as it is always a pleasure to have some direct factory support!

coolhandcountry 08.15.2006 01:49 PM

Welcome aboard joe. It is nice to see you here. I think you find it a nice place.

Serum 08.16.2006 02:24 PM

Welcome to the forum Joe!

Until i saw your profile, i didn't knew you could upload pictures here.. (it's amazing, Mike..)

cabking 08.16.2006 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by MaxxFusion
...... and be a part of the RC-Monster family.

Thanks and enjoy.

Welcome to our home.

Thanks Maxx, I'll be round,were do you keep the Beer? :004:

Serum 08.16.2006 04:59 PM

Here in my fridge.. I'll throw some into your direction..

Joe Ford 09.12.2006 10:45 AM

Thanks guys!

neweuser 09.12.2006 10:55 AM

Just wanted to add..WELCOME! I've heard many good things about CC!

rcsammy 09.17.2006 04:12 PM

just thought i would say Hi to everyone
im planning on geting a mamba maxx and B4 soon so will be asking lots of questions

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