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JThiessen 09.07.2011 08:47 AM

Stronger Motor Mount(s)
A year or two back I had posted somewhere on here about my concerns with Mikes motor mounts and the newer larger motors that we were starting to use. I have a 1520 in my Muggy, and running the older style mount for it. Last week it bent on me. I was really suprised that it occurred then, since I had not hit any jumps that even come close to what I've hit in the past. The mount was bent such that the pinion was pulled away from the spur - indicating that the weight of the motor had pulled it down towards the chassis. I was able to fairly easily bend it back to semi straight and continue running, but the mount for all intents is now shot - once you bend aluminum it loses significant strength.

For those that have run the new style - is it stronger in that regard than the old style? If not, any good options available?

RC-Monster Mike 09.07.2011 10:24 AM

The muggy mounts have been 7075 black annodized aluminum for a good while(years). I have not ever gotten one back bent. Earlier versions were 6061(and only one or two ever came back bent). We do half price replacements on all our motor mounts.
All the newer style mounts are a little thicker in the motor area - .195" vs .18" or .185" of earlier mounts. Bent mounts are quite rare - if we get a mount back bent, we usually update its design on the next run to prevent future occurrences.

JThiessen 09.07.2011 11:13 AM

The one I have is not anodized. I seem to recall having a discussion with you on this as I had to open up the bearing hole in it to get the slipperential bearing to fit - you were suprised at the time that I had an older one.

I'll send this one back and you can take a look at it. We'll go from there.....

RC-Monster Mike 09.07.2011 11:45 AM

Roger that - it sounds like you have a very early version. :)

magman 09.07.2011 07:56 PM

I did bent my mbx5T mount as well using a 1520 on 5s. I had a spare mount so I never thought anything of it....figuring it would happen someday anyway hence the spare. The current version, bought them a yr + apart if memory serves, is doing well running the same setup so all is good. :)

Semi Pro 09.07.2011 09:30 PM

lol i have the older one too, i bent it afew times now, maybe it time for me to upgrade too

nuz69 09.08.2011 04:04 AM

The 1520 is pretty long and heavy... I put a plastic spacer between the motor and the mudguard (placed with duct tape) and the mount never bent again in on year of hard bashing/racing (mbx5t with 1520).
To prevent the mount to bent, you just need to lock the rear of the motor.

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