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ruudxd 05.15.2014 12:03 PM

NEU motor broken, how to measure, and locktite in motor screws?

I think my NEU is broken, it gets very hot in less then a minute.
How can I measure the windings, if one is snapped or something, with basic tools?

And do you guys use locktite on the 2 screws that secure the motor to the mount, and wich screws can I use the best to secure the motor into a 1:8 muggy RC-Monster motormount?

And I am looking for a new set of tools, wich ones do you reccomend?
I have an EDS set now, but they have a bit to much play for my feelings.

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for all the great topics on this great forum!


bdebde 05.15.2014 02:15 PM

It likely is broken if it gets hot very quick... there is really no way to check with common tools as what usually happens is the rotor magnets get weak due to heat. Rotors can be replaced, but can be expensive for the Neus... best bet to send it in to get tested/repaired.

I don't use locktite on motor screws, but will often use a washer/lockwasher if there is room on the motor mount.

Hudy tools are some of the best but very expensive... I have had good luck with the associated driver bits, they fit in a common handle and can be put in the power driver as well. I think they all wear out after a while so always replace a worn driver out before it starts damaging the fasteners.

RC-Monster Mike 05.15.2014 10:29 PM

I agree - the motor has a problem if it overheats quickly. It could be a broken winding or demagnetized rotor. As far as the screws go - the Muggy mount can accept m3 or m4 motor mount screws(current version). We include the aluminum bushings and screws for m3, which is preferred(aluminum bushing gets great "traction" on the aluminum mount). If the bushings are omitted, however, the m3 screws will mar the mount and get little "bite" due to the small surface area.

ruudxd 05.16.2014 04:21 AM


Thanks for the reactions!
The rotor is still very strong, but it is from another old NEU ( also a 1521, but a different Kv, does that matter )
The rotor was in a 1577Kv 1521, and now in a 1050 Kv 1521.
I am using a 1717, so I think that is M4?
But I meant the kind of screw, cap heads, or button heads or something else?
It sucks being from Holland, shipping and expensive parts is to expensive for a student..
I think I get another 1717 for in My LST to ( I used the NEU in the LST and the 1717 in the Muggy )
Does someone have a 1717 wich is for sale for not a lot of money?



RC-Monster Mike 05.16.2014 12:49 PM

If the rotor is good, you likely have a broken winding, unfortunately. For m4 screws, I suggest button head, as they have the most surface area. :)

lincpimp 05.23.2014 10:47 AM

Losi TiN coated heax drivers have lasted me very well. Only one broke and that was not with my hand on the handle. I know they are pricey but I have used mine a lot more than most in this hobby ever will.

Ofna had a nice long reach set of hex bits that can be used with a power driver. I have a few Skill brand XO power drivers that have been used daily for at least 5 yrs now. They are small palm sized with an integral battery. Paid 20 bucks each, and with the ofna bits they will do about 95% or more of what you need to do on an rc.

ruudxd 05.26.2014 07:08 AM


Thanks for all the replies, you guys gonna cost me a lot of money :)
I have to order a new Muggy motormount, my one is bent somehow by the previous owner ( bought the Muggy second hand.. )
But on the photo of the Muggy mount I see a that there is a little bit milled out to fit a bigger screw onto the motor.
Isn't it better to use a caphead screw, that fits into that little space that is milled out?
Sorry for the bad english, but I am 16 and from Holland, so I have a lot to learn :)

@ Mike : How much will one Muggy mount cost with shipping to Holland?

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it!



Originally Posted by RC-Monster Mike (Post 428401)
If the rotor is good, you likely have a broken winding, unfortunately. For m4 screws, I suggest button head, as they have the most surface area. :)

RC-Monster Mike 05.27.2014 12:26 PM

Our newest Muggy mount includes 3mm socket head screws and aluminum bushings for mounting the motor - the aluminum bushings get good grip on the aluminum mount without marring the slots, too. The newest mounts are also very thick(.28"/7.1mm) and next to impossible to bend in normal use. Flat rate shipping to Holland will likely quote around $25.

Bondonutz 05.27.2014 11:54 PM

Depending on your soldering skills and luck, damaged wires on the end of the can (from using to long of a mount screw) can be separated from the rest and resoldered. I was fortunate to repair one this way and it still works likes a champ.

ruudxd 05.29.2014 11:30 AM

I have most likely sold the motor ( the guy knows about the problems )
I don't have the time, skills, tools and money to do that, but I will send the tip to him, thanks Bondo!

Mike, thanks for the answer, when I have a bit more money, I will buy one.
You don't have an 1717 anymore, do you?

Thanks again guys, really apreciate it!


ruudxd 09.24.2014 02:45 PM

I need to order a new motormount, since the old owner screwed the one that was with the Muggy up, very bad, he filed the edge away.
Suks, because I dont have that much money left over for RC cars..
But I have one question, will the motormount fit M4 screws without modding it?

RC-Monster Mike 09.24.2014 03:24 PM

Yes, the mount will allow installation of the motor with M3 screws(and aluminum bushings, which are included) or M4 screws directly without any modification.

ruudxd 09.24.2014 03:56 PM

Ok, that is all I needed to know, thanks a lot!

Oh, one question, you were talking about " the newer motormounts " , I have a black one know, is that the old " generation " ?

This site rocks, fast answers and lots of info, keep up the good work guys!!

RC-Monster Mike 09.24.2014 04:36 PM

The black mounts are older(nice mounts, as they are 7075 aluminum and black anodized - probably made 100-200 in that "version") and only accept M3 motor mount screws. The newest mounts are thicker at the motor area, natural finish, and accept M3 and M4 screws for mounting the motor.

ruudxd 09.25.2014 04:19 PM

Ok, thanks Mike!
I just ordered a new motormount!
Sucks that the shipping to Holland is so expencive tho..

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