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BrianG 02.17.2009 01:10 AM

ESC Firmware Suggestions
The purpose of this thread is to discuss possible firmware improvements for the CC ESCs. Please leave the idle chatter for other threads so CC staff doesn't have to sift through a ton of chaff.

1: Change Punch Control Algorithm
RCM Mike and I were talking this evening and the subject of punch control came up. As I am primarily a basher, I like a higher amount of punch control to help compensate for my fairly heavy trigger finger to smooth out powerful starts.

However, Mike being primarily a racer, feels that punch control is detrimental for anything beyond initial take-off. When taking off, having some punch control is nice to make power delivery smooth, but once you are up to speed, this messes with the timing when hitting the throttle for multiple jumps or rough areas. He would rather have the ESC mirror the throttle input to get a better feel, essentially 0 punch control. And I can see his point.

So, how about a hybrid system? Basically, have the PC (punch control) be a function of static setting and motor rpm. Let's say you have PC set to 60% in the programming. At startup, 100% of that 60% would be in effect. But at say, 1000 rpm 90% of that 60% would be in effect (54% total). And at 2000 rpm, 80% of that 60% would be in effect (48% total). And so on until the rpm is high enough where there would be 0% of that 60% setting in effect (0% total). This would satisfy both groups.

2: Adjustable lipo cutoff.
This has been mentioned by someone else, but I thought I'd throw it here as well. When auto-lipo LVC mode is selected, I assume the default setting is 3.0v/cell. But how about a place where you can set the cutoff threshold to something else, like 3.1v or 3.2v? So, let's say you set this to 3.2v/cell; when you plug in a 4s pack, the LVC will automatically detect the 4s pack and apply the LVC at 12.8v (3.2v*4s) instead of 12v. Then, if you want to do some speed runs, you could plug in a 5s pack and get the LVC at 16v (3.2v*5s). This would allow us to retain the 3.2v/cell LVC "safety net", yet still allow the convenience of auto-lipo mode.

3: Custom arming tones
Ok, this is kinda silly, but still a request. :smile:

4: Programming card
A little tough for many to bring a laptop to the track, so a programming card would be a nice option. Or maybe even a "white paper" on the protocol/signals used so someone (individual or third party) could develop one?

5: ABS braking
I'm not really sure how this would be implemented, but make it so the tires don't lock up on braking. This really should be a settable feature, because I like to powerslide around corners. :smile: The issue would be how does the ESC know the difference between a sliding vehicle and one that is simply stopped because in both situations the motor rpm is monitored. I can also see this conflicting somewhat with the brake force setting, but I'll leave that up to the firmware programmers over there.

6: Increasing braking efficiency
I personally have not compared runtime figures using mechanical brakes vs motor brakes, but some people claim lower runtime with motor brakes despite the regenerative braking feature.

7: Logging function
Of course this is limited by available ESC memory and support components, but maybe some type of rudimentary logging? If memory is short, just take constant voltage and current measurements and continually calculate average and peak values of each based on time and store the values (min A, max A, average A, min V, max V, average V, max temp) into memory for retrieval? Yeah, all the data points over time would be preferable, but not sure if there is enough memory.

8: Trainer Mode
For new users trying to get used to their setup. However, short of effectively reducing the throttle (the same as setting tx EPA), which is not very efficient, the only way I can see this be used is to use this as a "shortcut" setting that adjusts max punch control, max timing, etc all at once.

What's_nitro? 02.17.2009 01:16 AM

Ooo a Punch Control Exp. curve! That would be cool. :yes:

What about custom arming tones? :lol: Like a MIDI file or something... Have your truck ring like your phone!

BrianG 02.17.2009 01:19 AM

Actually, I was thinking more of a linear value, not exponential. But whatever works.

And custom tones is just plain silly. Besides, I don't think Patrick put tons of memory in the ESC so it can play Nickelback when you turn it on! :tongue: :wink:

What's_nitro? 02.17.2009 01:21 AM

Well, It'd be the same as the throttle/brake curve adjustment. Linear, or +- exp.

I know it's silly. Didn't you see the :lol:?

SV6000 02.17.2009 04:45 AM

I would like to be able to adjust the settings on my MMM at the track or park (for bashing) without having to lug around a laptop. An idea would be a tuning card or box. Another idea could be to have an onboard data logger that could log say 20mins of data ranging from current, temps, throttle percentage.
But i would happily lug around a laptop and use a temp gun if they could release an MMM that was capable of larger currents regardless of physical size and be capable of say 10s or 12s

drkdgglr 02.17.2009 06:26 AM

I don't know if this is a firmware issue, but it would be nice to see improvements in the efficiency of regenerative braking. For now it seems like mechanical braking gives more runtime in the same setup than esc/motor-braking.

And I don't know if this is possible or already exists, but ABS-braking would be a nice feature.

petewalford17 02.17.2009 07:11 AM

hi ive got one some sort of launch control like f1 used to thats armed like buy holding the brake on for say 4 seconds.

thanks pete

Arct1k 02.17.2009 10:14 AM

ABS is a nice feature

Logging features from the ICE

Trainer mode to reduce power so my son can drive the car

TexasSP 02.17.2009 11:52 AM

I had not thought about the punch control but it addresses some issues I have been having. The illustration about Mike and the Jumps really helped me figure out what was happening.

The program card would also be a big +++++.

BrianG 02.17.2009 12:15 PM

Added suggestions offered to the original post....

pasan 02.17.2009 01:16 PM

Beeps for low voltage and over temperature in tandem with the current visual alerts implemented in F/W 1.20 would also be nice.

Maciolus 02.17.2009 01:37 PM

Current limitter and auto LiFe LVC would be nice :)

shaunjohnson 02.17.2009 02:55 PM

all sick ideas:yipi:
more memory would have to be packed into the brain board though:whip:
like the custom arming tones:na:

bdebde 02.17.2009 03:12 PM

Bluetooth connection, program it with your cell phone!

shaunjohnson 02.17.2009 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by bdebde (Post 262641)
Bluetooth connection, program it with your cell phone!

that's probably not that silly...
prolly hard to do and i realise there is limited memory in a mamba based ESC...

a lot of us run 2.4ghz transmitters, some of these like the spektrum and nomadio have a "tranciver" which has the ability to transmit telementery information. if it were pissible, castle could probably tap into this and hence gain a wireless castle link:yipi:

but hey...we all already have awsome ESC's with the mamba and MMM and this programability so how can we complain:neutral:

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