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Desert Rc 03.15.2010 01:30 AM

Work in Progress...


temp wheels.


These are the stockers painted black...what you all think?The good ones got here yest and need mounted to some tread.


MTBikerTim 03.15.2010 02:00 AM

Bastard. I haven't wanted another RC car in a while with the exception of this one. I have to get me one soon.

Looking good. I like the black wheels.

lincpimp 03.15.2010 12:44 PM

I like the tiny jackstands, but I would invest in a mini 2 post lift if you plan to do alot of work to the truck. Saves you having to break out the micro jack and lift each corner one at a time.

Otherwise looking good. Where did the body come from?

Desert Rc 03.15.2010 01:32 PM

LOL....ya the stands are fun.

Thanks for the compliment. The body actually is from the new axial scx10 Honcho kit, stock.

magman 03.15.2010 05:41 PM

very nice indeed

MTBikerTim 03.15.2010 06:32 PM

Still drooling....

Desert Rc 03.15.2010 09:52 PM

I will have the new wheels mounted tonight, see if you guys like them. :yipi:

Desert Rc 03.16.2010 12:02 AM

Okay I know way too many ghey pics but I like the new wheels..:yipi:


Desert Rc 03.16.2010 12:03 AM

I already polished the spare's rings with the dremel to a mirror finish, only four more to go....Thankyou OCD. Lights are next.

MTBikerTim 03.17.2010 07:54 PM

Keep the pics comming.

josh9mille 03.17.2010 08:47 PM

That thing is bad ass!

Desert Rc 03.18.2010 01:28 AM

I will but I am back to work and rare to get time during my work week to get in time on my rigs. I work about 55hrs a week. It sucks really bad. Then when im done im too tired but to go to bed...lol. I will keep the updates coming tho. I have some coo lights on the way too.

josh9mille 10.16.2010 11:26 PM

any update on this?

Desert Rc 10.23.2010 09:23 AM

ran it a bit and then started building this...

FG101C 10.23.2010 01:33 PM

Very cool indeed.

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