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mikey09120 05.31.2009 10:23 PM

electric bicycle
okay guys.... ive been doin some thinkin and i have this crazy idea to "electrify" my bicycle. wat im planning on doin is using the e-revo transmission with the castle 2200 motor and MMM esc. im planning on buying a 6mm pinion to attach to the output on the e-revo transmission. the pinion will make contact with my bicycle tire and will spin it. the drive ratio of the e-revo transmission is 1.83333 rotations of the spur to 1 rotation of the outdrive. and im goin to factor in the pinion/spur ratio and adjust to attain my speed. i am also planning on buying a back pedal bearing so i eliminate brake shoes and the lever. i also have few questions. do you think the 2200 motor will be able to move a 15lb bike and 120lb. person at about 20mph? will the amps be too much. im also wondering if i can lightly press the brakes while riding to utilize the regeberative braking? im also seraching for a device that connects to the MMM wire instead of an rx that can control the speed.
just an idea.... so suggestions are welcome

Metallover 05.31.2009 10:43 PM

There are hundreds of diy electric bike kits out there. One of the good things about electric bikes is that 1000 watts is a lot. The mmm puts out WAYYYYY more then that. Oh Yeah baby,,, yah- trick yaaa.

Look up 1000w currie motor e-bike or something like that on youtube. It's not the best, but here's the first one I found.


The easiest way to do it is to get a hub motor kit which comes with everything and is very easy to do. It'll probably be the most reliable way to do it too. If you end up using the mmm, I'd gear for anywhere between 20-30mph depending on the speed and runtime you want.

mikey09120 05.31.2009 11:38 PM

before electronics...

mikey09120 05.31.2009 11:39 PM

electronics hidden under the seat

an overall picture

pinion will attach to outdrive and will spin the tire and NOT the chain

now i just need to cut a steel plate for the tranny and weld it to the frame

and buy another pinion and grind it a little to stop it from chewing up the tire

still awaiting on 3s 5000mah 30c flightmax lipos to arrivee

_paralyzed_ 05.31.2009 11:47 PM

that'll just tear up your tire. Video!:yes:

aqwut 06.01.2009 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by _paralyzed_ (Post 291756)
that'll just tear up your tire. Video!:yes:

Yup!!.. unless you're already moving.. then it might not... If you want to do something like that, buy an outrunner motor with the 12mm shaft.. :lol:

mikey09120 06.01.2009 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by _paralyzed_ (Post 291756)
that'll just tear up your tire. Video!:yes:

haha. yah. im gonna have to grind the pinion a bit. just enough so theres still some traction against the tire but not too much as to shred my tire. haha. ah. im gonna give it a rolling start then power the esc

lincpimp 06.01.2009 12:18 AM

I would use some sort of rubber wheel instead of the pinion idea... Not sure where you can get that sort of thing with a set screw but I am sure it exists...

mikey09120 06.01.2009 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by lincpimp (Post 291770)
I would use some sort of rubber wheel instead of the pinion idea... Not sure where you can get that sort of thing with a set screw but I am sure it exists...

thats a good idea too... ive been looking around but hav yet to find one. ill keep searchig. maybe i can dip the pinion in plasti-dip or somethig too

aqwut 06.01.2009 12:24 AM

spring loaded rubber coated shaft, directly powered by an outrunner or the Revo tranny like you have... it would be awesome to see..

Metallover 06.01.2009 12:27 AM


KMN 06.01.2009 01:37 AM

Nice use of masking tape for the battery mount.

Byte 06.01.2009 08:05 AM

I'm also tinking to electrify my bike. But I've got a few questions:
- How to apply throttle if I use a Supersimple 100A ESC
- What to do with steering, how to disable it


B4maz 06.01.2009 09:53 AM

Matt Shumaker did this to a recumbent. http://www.recumbents.com/WISIL/shumaker/default.htm A ton of great information.


He sells a drive unit:



brushlessboy16 06.01.2009 10:27 AM

I have been thinking of this idea for a while, I think Using a cheap servo tester, and mount a lever on the potentiometer.

I also have one of these motors- already with a reduction box on it (50:1 iirc)

Should push a 20in bmx bike pretty decent on 6s.

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