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gizzmo79 01.01.2013 11:40 AM

So I've drove the Baja 5t on castle xl2 setup, would like to have som more juice
So my new plan is the neu 2230 750kv, MGM controller 25063.
But not sure if I'm going to run on 10s or 12s. But do I need 65c lipo or is 45 enough?

freddy 01.01.2013 12:48 PM

If the 45c lipos are of larger size and not to old ore well used it should be sufficient. with an larger motor\lower kv motor and higher voltage it doesen automatically mean it will draw an higher current, often the other way around. but it depend on the gearing.

With the MGM esc you also have to use an external bec ore as i did an small life receiver pack.

this is mine with mgm esc and castle motor on 8s.

gizzmo79 01.01.2013 12:55 PM

Okey but what do you men by larger size? 5000 mha or more?
I'll think it would be the easiest to use an external bec.

freddy 01.01.2013 01:06 PM

yes you only multiply the c ratio with the ah to get amperage rating :).

know, haven't fixed an charging cable so for now i have to remove the roll cage and so every time it needs to be charged..
but it will last 3 charges and i rarely uses it. but i guess an fixed mounted bec is best as you dont have several types of batteries to worrie about :)

"Sorry the bad english i'm from Norway"
lol, im from norway to and my english is way worse.

gizzmo79 01.01.2013 01:14 PM

Where in noway are you from?

freddy 01.01.2013 02:16 PM

it would prob be better to get an lower kv version of the neu motor as you can run up to 15s with the mgm esc.

gizzmo79 01.01.2013 03:11 PM

The neu 2230 is 725 kv and with 12s i Get 33000+
What motor are u running with

freddy 01.01.2013 03:19 PM

i mention it above, it is the castle motor on 8s.

gizzmo79 01.01.2013 03:26 PM

Obs diddnt Get that

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