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lincpimp 06.05.2017 12:29 PM

Looking to score a Losi 8ight buggy
So as I was searching thru my mountains of RC stuff and found a completly new, unopened, Castle Creations Losi 8ight buggy conversion kit. And I do not have an 8th scale electric buggy right now, so I figured I could find someones nitro cast off or spare and build a basher. Always had a soft spot for 8th buggies, not sure why, but they just seem indestructible.

Please let me know what you have. I have a bunch of stuff I can trade, or I can just pay you.

lincpimp 06.09.2017 03:39 PM

Ok ,how about I buy a new 8ight buggy and part it out...

Any idea if the castle kit will fit the latest 8ight buggy, LOS 04010 ?

nitrostarter 06.14.2017 09:34 PM

Did you check the old RCtech for sale section?

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