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bruce750i 06.03.2011 03:55 PM

Tekin Pro4 4-pole motor
Sneak a Peek..


NE32 06.21.2011 05:11 AM

Saw 3300kv but what others if anyone knows?. Hope there is a D wind around 6000 kv possibly?

JoFreak 06.21.2011 06:36 AM

On RCSC they said 4600kv, 4000kv and 3300kv for now.
No word if there will be more options, but I would be surprised if not...

simplechamp 06.25.2011 09:59 PM

I bet they are as pleased as Castle is that ROAR just banned 4-pole 550-size motors...

JoFreak 07.03.2011 06:33 AM

Look at Ryan Lutz' Durango here.
Looks like a pro4 prototype to me, power in the driving vid looks good as well.

rootar 07.03.2011 03:37 PM

i stood beside lutz on the stand all last weekend at the Manufactures shootout. That 4pole in that little durango is flat out nasty, he was a tad faster than me in the end of the staright away (im running a tekin scx4 4.5t with a 16t pinion in a sc10 4x4) but he really had a good bit more bottom end than everyone else.

Although one thing i really noticed is that they could barely finish a 7min race with the truck before the packs dumped, meanwhile my 2s 6500 hyperion vx pack wasnt even half down after 9+ mins.

JoFreak 07.03.2011 04:17 PM

You think the pro4 is just such an amp-hog or are his batteries not up to it?

rootar 07.03.2011 11:37 PM

I think it was a little of both. They had those 4-poles ripping and the whole saddle pack setup leaves some to be desired when it comes to a solid battery. I know they said they had the biggest pack they could fit in there.

I was running about 1500 mah more then them (maybe less but my hyperion definetly pulls its ratings just not sure what they had) and after 9 mins i put about 3300mah back in the pack which tells me i can run atleast 15 mins at race pace. They could only run 7 1/2 -8 mins and were using 4500-5000mah, so i really dunno, id love to snag one and run it back to back againist my current setup.

TekinTeamMgr 07.11.2011 06:49 PM

The AMS racetrack was the biggest we'd tested the Pro 4 on with the heat. Ryan was also having a wiring issue(we didn't know it at the time) so I was there on hand to watch it.

He's since then ran 8 to 10 minutes on the same batttery/motor setup.

The Pro 4 motor is 540 length so it will be ROAR legal!

rootar 07.14.2011 11:10 PM

no doubt randy when ryans truck wasnt having issues it was FAST.

what size rotor are yall going with in the 4 pole?

TekinTeamMgr 07.15.2011 12:43 PM

18mm is stock.

outlaw 08.26.2011 12:11 PM

Any recommendations for the max car weight ?

TekinTeamMgr 08.26.2011 12:21 PM

This motor should simply NOT be put into a 1/8 car,period. For 4wd SC all of the current trucks on the market are fine.

outlaw 08.26.2011 12:22 PM

OK then i stay on the Castle 1410 1Y ...


brownman 08.10.2012 09:35 PM

hello yall first post,what pinion do yall think would be a good starting point ,something good for all around, the esc is rx8 and a pro 4 4000kv and the truck is a scrt10 46 tooth spur thanks oh running 40c 5000mah 2s

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