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JOHNNYMAXXIMA 12.02.2005 04:39 AM

190mm or 200mm touring body on an E-Maxx?
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Has anyone ever seen one of these bodys on an E-Maxx before?
I checked the demensions that Tower Hobbies gives and it seems like it would fit.
This is the one that I want.


nbcaznmaster 12.02.2005 06:32 AM

i always wanted a touring car body on my Mt

E-Traxxer 12.02.2005 07:32 AM

I'd say 190, but they would both work. I don't really "dig" the car on truck look, but that's all up to you!

danhfvcsd 12.02.2005 04:22 PM


Originally posted by E-Traxxer
I'd say 190, but they would both work. I don't really "dig" the car on truck look, but that's all up to you!
me either too much - i much prefer the truck look - but..........

here's my 190mm tamiya ferrari on my LST - dont see why it wouldn't fit :D


some more if ya need different views :)
The Reason Why I Ran This Shell - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf...si_LST/LST.jpg
Front - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf..._LST/LST_3.jpg
Front High - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf..._LST/LST_4.jpg
Front Angle - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf..._LST/LST_5.jpg
Rear - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf..._LST/LST_8.jpg
Side High - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf...LST/LST_11.jpg
Top - http://www.ausrc.com/galleries/danhf...LST/LST_14.jpg

nbcaznmaster 12.02.2005 04:34 PM

plenty of ventalation i see....

danhfvcsd 12.02.2005 04:46 PM

-lol- ran VERY cool hehehe
That was as low as it would go due to the shock towers too :)

JOHNNYMAXXIMA 12.02.2005 09:52 PM

I went to my lhs today and tried one on and it fit just fine. I finaly found my body.:D

JOHNNYMAXXIMA 12.02.2005 11:36 PM

Oh yah, nice truck by the way danhfvcsd. Mine will be sitting a little lower than yours.:D
It's going on this Maxx.

Lambo Maxx

danhfvcsd 12.03.2005 04:49 PM

just a little lower -lmao-

should look cool man ;) u gonna run those same buggy rims/tyres? :)

JOHNNYMAXXIMA 12.04.2005 02:10 AM

I think so. I got my 9920 in today (thanks Mike) so I will install it along with the 9L tonight and see how she runs with those tires on there. Stay tuned for an update.

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