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SpeedAssault 02.16.2017 11:56 AM

Power of Castle C 2200Kv motor on 6s
Hi there,

I'm sure this info is out there somewhere, but have not found it yet. Please help direct me to the calculator to find:
What is the Torque and HP of the Castle Creations 2200Kv Brushless motor , 6s Lipo 25volts,

my custom 1/5 RevOsi:
Gear ratio 11:1
Pinion Mod 1 19t, or 24t
Spur 46t (Sliperential)
124x65mm wheels
11.3 lbs

Thank You

ruudxd 02.21.2017 09:08 AM

I am not that good with numbers, but this site should get you on the way!


SpeedAssault 03.15.2017 03:31 PM

Thank You RuuDxD

Even Castle did not know

Based on 120Amps:
2.84 ftlbs of Torque
Axle Torque 3.81
2.8 to 3.5HP
6S 25volts
Tire 4.8
Spur/Pinio Ratio 2.41:1
46Spur 19P
Theoretical Speed 78MPH
Calculated Motor Power 3024 watts (4.1HP)

At Under 11.5 lbs this would explain why the car from dead stop it Jumps straight up in the Air when Pull full throttle.

Kcaz25 03.16.2017 07:38 PM

I have heard Patrick say that under hard acceleration the 2200kv MMM 6s combo could pull approaching 5 hp.

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