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0verkill 04.29.2016 01:50 PM

Another MMX ESC with restricted power
My MMX ESC handled the C1515 (40x75, 150A) just fine for speed runs and I hit 94 mph with it in my 1/8 truggy, but it did have some weird "motor start failure" errors. However, it did NOT like the TP4070 (40x102, 200-350A) which is a lot bigger motor and pulls a lot more current. It was pathetically slow and worthless. It felt like a brushed Summit. This is dissapointing and it seems Castle has put a very strong current limiter or something on their new ESC's and it just kills ALL of the power. I just put in the XL2 and it is an absolute beast.


phildogg 04.29.2016 06:19 PM

You will love the xl2! yep the mmx and xlx sucks. get the word out.

Kcaz25 04.29.2016 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by phildogg (Post 430864)
You will love the xl2! yep the mmx and xlx sucks. get the word out.

They don't suck. They are state of the art. Features abound. I have the MMX it makes my heavy truggy do rolling wheelies with a center diff. The calculator says that it goes 55ish. I believe it. Do you remember the HV-Maxx days? What about the smoking MMMv1 days. Go away. Lol. Let Patrick address the current limitation that does admittedly suck for those that want to drag race or go 100. Who does that?

phildogg 04.29.2016 08:09 PM

Alot of people including myself. Its just you buy a product and expect one thing and get another no warning.. Not good business.. Also the president cant answer any questions about it? defend his blatant silence

RC-Monster Mike 04.29.2016 09:47 PM

I don't think it is reasonable to expect the president of a company such as Castle to come engage in "your product sucks" conversation on a forum or any social media - safe to assume he is busy running the company, and any visit by such an individual should be encouraged and considered above and beyond IMO. When the initial post mentions "pathetic and worthless", followed by the product sucks a couple posts down, I would steer clear of the thread myself, as it quickly becomes a no-win situation. Constructive comments that are more inquisitive than insulting may get better results. Trying to guilt someone into a conversation with venom spewing is sure to fail IMO. Patrick commented on the initial post regarding this subject - maybe we should assume he is working with his engineering team to sort out a workable solution, rather than assuming his "blatent silence" here is anything more than being a busy man with a multitude of problems, as any CEO of a similar sized company would be. I'm certain engaging in a thread with insults being hurled around and considerably "less than constructive" feedback(if you want to call it feedback - I consider "pathetic and worthless" as an attack) would rank pretty low on the priority list.

0verkill 04.30.2016 08:01 AM

I'm a big Castle fan and I love their ESC's. I didn't attack Castle anywhere in my post. I actually went out and bought another Castle product LOL! I described how it drove which is the truth. It drove with what felt like 10% power output. Which means it might as well be a paper weight to me. The only way someone else wouldn't be concerned about this is if it hasn't happened to them, well it's happening to a lot of people. The problem is that my older MME ESC could handle this power easily and never overheat and never have problems. The MMX is advertised as being even more powerful, which simply isn't true at least as of right now, I hope that changes. I know everyone would like an official response from Castle as to what's happening and that would help out a lot from all of the negative feedback.

0verkill 05.18.2016 03:34 PM

Castle writes on Facebook, "We are actively working on a fix. And very sorry for the delay. Hang tight, we'll make it right!"

That's really great to hear.

Mr E-Maxx 05.20.2016 11:10 AM


I know your Set-Ups are very fast but I made my own test and they show some different results.
I tested 4 different ESC with 2 different Motors.
First test was in my HB Truggy on 4s with a Tekin 4038 2000kv and 18/50 at ~70km/h
My old Xerun 150A ESC got 68 km/h with a 4s SLS Lipos.
The New HW XR8plus got a topspeed from 68km/h too. But it was much better controlled.
The Castle MMX was more powerful, still with same battery, motor and gearing. I got 75 km/h with my MMX. All ESCs without any Punch Control etc. Max power and 10 timing. I tested them sensor and sensorless. (excepts the MMX)

I made a new test with a Vorza Buggy, a Reedy 2100kv motor and gearing at 16/48. Battery are Gens Ace 4s.
This time I use a MM2, a XR8plus and a MMX. Battery was charged every run. I made a few runs to get some good results:
MM2 with 10 Timing: 69km/h
XR8plus with 10 Timing: 66km/h
MMX with 10 Timing: 75km/h
I think the MM2 can handle 6s better than a MMX but on 4s in this cars with a Tekin or Reedy Motor the MMX is faster. You can see it, hear it and the logger show it too.

I'm very happy with my MMX. I can't wait to try it with a Sensorewire. I hope it will work well. My new GM Genius Ultra is a very hard challenge because this ESC is ultra smooth.

Pdelcast 06.13.2016 03:40 PM

Just a heads-up for you guys.

We did find an issue with current limiting on both the MMX and XLX.

It has been fixed, and is currently in internal testing. Should be in Beta by the end of the week.

This software update should solve the power restriction issue you are seeing.


0verkill 06.13.2016 04:32 PM

Thanks Patrick! You guys make the best ESC's.

phildogg 06.13.2016 05:22 PM

Thanks. Great news to hear!

nitrostarter 06.13.2016 09:54 PM

Good to hear!

Dr_T 06.14.2016 05:41 PM

Awesome Patrick! I was kinda getting bored with the mere 9.5 HP my XLX is handling, so good to know it can be pushed some more :). Keep up the good work!

Kcaz25 06.14.2016 10:59 PM

Awesome! Thanks!

Big House 07.01.2016 02:58 PM

Please give us back the power in the XLX
For the Love of All that is fast and good when oh when is the new firmware coming out for the XLX. I hate being in the middle of a run and hear the power cut. Please give us back the power.

Thomas Porfert 07.01.2016 05:23 PM

Our engineers are working tirelessly to resolve the power issues that some customers are experiencing on the Mamba Monster X and Mamba XL X.

Today they be releasing a firmware update for the Mamba Monster X. It will be posted shortly and should get the power levels back to the range of its predecessors.

The start-up current limiter still exists so it cannot be used for drag racing. But on speed setups and standard 1/8th setups you should notice a significant power increase over the previous firmware versions.

The engineers will be focusing on the XL X in the coming weeks so please stay tuned. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

We hope everyone has a great 4th of July and many hours of RC fun this weekend!

Thomas Porfert
Tech Support
Castle Creations

phildogg 07.01.2016 05:34 PM

Sounds promising.. will the power be on par with the mm2?

Thomas Porfert 07.01.2016 05:40 PM

Yes, that's what I meant by "get the power levels back to the range of its predecessors.". Sorry about that, should have been a little more specific. But yes, it should perform equal to if not better than the Monster 2 in the same application.

Please let us know how it works for you. We will be monitoring this and other forums with regards to the update to see if it works as well as we hope.

Thomas Porfert
Tech Support
Castle Creations

phildogg 07.01.2016 05:42 PM

nice ill do some testing myself on a speed buggy i have and update the thread. Thanks again.

Pdelcast 07.13.2016 12:14 PM

Feedback on the new software?

XLX software will be released this week as well (If everything goes as planned.)



Pdelcast 07.13.2016 03:17 PM

My mistake! The new XLX software was released YESTERDAY!

ruudxd 07.14.2016 06:12 AM

As we say in The Netherlands, No news is good news :)
A qoute from an RCtech topic:


The new firmware definitely works. I just updated my xlx/leopard 5892 that im running in my x-maxx. There's definitely a huge difference in start up power. The xlx felt like it was running max punch control prior to the update.
Link to the topic:


Amazing that you guys are helping on this forum by the way!

0verkill 07.14.2016 12:23 PM

I'm no longer using the TP4070, went back to the C1515. Maybe some others can chime in.

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