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Klausen 02.28.2010 01:21 PM

Slash 2wd. diffs?
I just got a rolling Slash Chassis, and threw in a Sidewinder 5700 combo in it.

But it sounds like a F16 when it drives, so I suppose the diffs are more or less blown away.

What upgrade have you guys done on the transmission? I am thinking about the MIP balldiff and cvd´s, but will that do it?

You can see the car as it looks right now:


Semi Pro 02.28.2010 01:23 PM

the 2wd slash diffs are the reason i sold my slash, after replaceing it 3 times i gave up

BrianG 02.28.2010 01:57 PM

I got tired of breaking the diff, so I just JBWelded the internal gears. Doesn't turn as easily to be sure, but no more diff rebuilds. The base diff design is horrible to start with; the outdrives themselves are supported by the bearing instead of the diff case supported by the bearing. This tends to make the outdrives wobbly. The JBWeld also sured this.

I would recommend the FLM CVDs. Not saying the MIP ones won't work, but the FLM's have held up perfect for me.

wrnchbndr 02.28.2010 07:12 PM

I put the MIP diff in my slash and it stayed together for about three mins.


I dont know why it did that gonna send it to MIP and see what they say.

AMorgan 03.01.2010 01:17 PM

I've had issues with an MIP ball diff in the past (different application). What setups are you guys using to blow diffs? I imagine the stock setup would hold up well enough to some power (not 3s and serious brushless) I'm curious...

wrnchbndr 03.02.2010 01:47 PM

I am running a mamba max and 5700kv motor on 2s. that was only a couple of passes across short grass and up the driveway.

What's_nitro? 03.02.2010 02:50 PM

Wrench bender, don't bother sending it to MIP. There's nothing wrong with it. At least there wasn't before it stripped... :neutral: The same happened to my MIP ball diff because I, too, neglected to shim it properly in the case (this is obvious due to the leftover teeth on one side of the gear). Even so, BL power seems to like to eat gears anyways, so there's no guarantee it would have lasted any longer. I would buy another gear and try it again with the diff shimmed properly so that the whole toothface engages the idler gear. If it gets chewed up again, then maybe it just isn't cut out for BL. Also, are you running the TRX gear case, or an alloy version? The TRX plastic case may be allowing some flex which can affect the gear mesh and cause them to strip. Upgrading to an alloy case (I recommend the FLM unit) would solve the problem in that case.

What's_nitro? 03.02.2010 02:57 PM

I may as well point out that I'm running the FLM case with the FLM steel/alloy diff kit installed. I use it in my Rustler and it holds up very well against my very powerful BL setup- 6s 30C lipo, MMM ESC, and a Lehner 1940/7 Hi-amp motor.

wrnchbndr 03.02.2010 09:21 PM

that was as close as the diff would shim out. i wasn't happy with it it when i built it up. even less when i tried to set it up in the trans. which by the wayis an integy unit. I know alot of people are integy bashers, but i've used their stuff alot and i have always been pleased with their products. I have a traxxas ball diff ordered for the truck.

Klausen 03.03.2010 07:02 AM

Will the FLM fit directly on the Slash? If yes, that will be my solution.

What's_nitro? 03.03.2010 12:19 PM

It is a direct fit into the TRX 272 tranny, so yes. :yes:

What's_nitro? 03.03.2010 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by wrnchbndr (Post 352917)
that was as close as the diff would shim out. i wasn't happy with it it when i built it up. even less when i tried to set it up in the trans.

Really? Hmmm.... Anyways the MIP uses a plastic gear... Even if the mesh was perfect you would need to replace it pretty often when using a BL motor.

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