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JoFreak 06.27.2010 10:54 AM

Wow, I would really like to see the SCRT10 chassis.
But personally I think aluminium diff cups or plastik cups with a metal insert for the outdrive cup. Because there seem to be quite a lot SCRT10 drivers who have a problem with wobling outdrives. And I guess a lot more who aren't noticing.

@Arct1k: Wouldn't it be simpler to just make new outdrives for the front/rear diff pinions?
So Mike could use 1/8th standard sized cups on the slipperential?
And we could get beefier dogbones in the center.
I don't like how fragile the stock bones look, but only time will tell if they hold up.

rootar 07.09.2010 02:41 AM

the slash 4x4 chassis was supposedly at the Ihobby show and i havent seen a single picture of it any where..... but atleast i did get a conformation that there was an aluminum chassis 4x4 slash at their both that no one bothered to take photos of..... still mad about that.

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