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Dafni 02.14.2006 03:07 AM

My Race Revo
Boys, here is my G-Revo and how it looks at the moment:

The "heart":
An ofna diff! With custom mount!

Gotta love those fat rods:

Stay tuned for more pics as I progress!
I still have some nice ideas up my sleeve ;)


E-maxx-kid 02.14.2006 04:44 AM

Nice! wish I was as creative, I might have to a similar thing if i get board of mine.

JOHNNYMAXXIMA 02.14.2006 05:00 AM

You are my hero Daf. That thing is bad A$$.

maxxdude1234 02.14.2006 05:02 AM

Looking good Dafni. Really nice bit of machine work there.

Dafni 02.14.2006 06:01 AM

Thank you!

Nice to be someones hero, Johnny. :)

I will only strap topnotch electronics on this babe, no more compromises:028:

crazyjr 02.14.2006 11:09 AM

WILD! i like it, but why did you seal the shocks? I havent had any leaks in mine

you da man.

Serum 02.14.2006 12:47 PM

LOVE it Daniel!!!

I am allmost in the mood for buying one.. (shhhh, don't tell Isabel....)

what pushrodds/turnbuckles are that fat?

mothman 02.14.2006 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by Serum
LOVE it Daniel!!!

I am allmost in the mood for buying one.. (shhhh, don't tell Isabel....)

what pushrodds/turnbuckles are that fat?

I think thats the Revo tube and pushrodes. He deanodized it..

Serum 02.14.2006 01:03 PM

didn't knew that the traxxas turnbuckles where that beefy..?

Anybody seen those

makana59 02.14.2006 01:20 PM

that thing looks good man. I hope it all turns out sweet. Keep us updated and some vids later when you get that thing running.

maxxdude1234 02.14.2006 02:44 PM

Any thoughts on whats gonna be powering that thing? Or is it all *hush hush*? ;)

Serum 02.14.2006 02:59 PM

1950 i thought..

Nick 02.14.2006 03:13 PM

Brilliant work.

Serum 02.14.2006 03:21 PM

truly brilliant.

That revo drivetrain is quite tough too right? with that centerdiff you will take some stress away from the drivetrain as well.

Dafni 02.14.2006 03:27 PM

Yeah, and when the bulkless becomes available, it will be as good as the top maxxes out there. Can't wait for 1/8 diffs!

Yes, I have a 1950/12 here. Perfect for this FGR and 5S or 6S Lipo.

The shocks are not sealed because of leaking, crazyjr. Less dirt on the shafts means less wear. Just look on 1/8 buggies. Those are Jato boots, btw.

And the rods are from Strobe. I like them, but on reflection, I could have made them myself. They are fater then the red TRX ones, but the thread is still 4mm.

Thanks for the nice comments! No more hush hush here for me, it's just RC, and I don't mind sharing my hobby with you guys.

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