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ClodMaxx 09.04.2007 07:12 PM

my UE SuperMaxx
i wanted this thread to go in the UE section, but for some reason the picture link isn't enabled there. so, the thread is here. it's not really an E-Maxx anymore, but you can see pictures here. =)

i started a thread in the temp. forum before i knew the old forum would be back. so i'll start over. basically, i now have all the parts to make my truck a 100% UE SuperMaxx. happy, happy...joy, joy! (and ode to ren and stimpy)

started with a relatively rare UE Lightning chassis - i've been looking for a couple years now and have only seen two including this one available for sale. when you see 'em, you'd better be prepared to drop serious coin immediately as they're gone as fast as they're made available.

this is showing the lightning chassis with a monobloc installed (monobloc adds 1.5" to the length), which also meant having a rear center driveshaft custom made that's just over 130mm long.

the UE gen IV servo saver

a custom titanium t-bar to go on the rear of my VBS. got it from the guy who owns/operates DUH! Engineering.

shots of where my build is at right now - i'm almost done getting it back together. i just got towered VBS last week (did have towerless VBS)


more to come. =)

here's a shot showing the length - the lightning chassis is the same length as the FLM extended chassis, which is already longer than stock, and with the monobloc added it's 15" from the front driveshaft to the rear driveshaft. the 2 wheels shown are what i have for it too - the UE SuperMaxx Racing Wheels on the left and 40 series mulchers on the right.

Procharged5.0 09.04.2007 07:56 PM

That's looking GREAT! I can't wait to continue my Supermaxx buildup!

Add my trans to your combo and you've got the best truck money can buy! LOL!

BTW....I'm jealous! VBS's & Lightning chassis!!! WOW!

squeeforever 09.04.2007 09:41 PM

Really nice! Why no Racer-X though?

ClodMaxx 09.04.2007 10:20 PM

thanks guys!

squee - why not EXT Pro? =P initially i was planning to bash the heck out of it, and the EXT is better at strength than RacerX due to everything being thicker. now that UE is discontinuing everything, i can only bash lightly. darn it.

captain harlock 09.04.2007 10:54 PM

I can't see the pics, man!=(

E-Maxx King 09.05.2007 01:07 AM

WHAT There Going To Stop Production????????

captain harlock 09.05.2007 02:17 AM

It's not official, but it's also very possible.

biddy 09.05.2007 05:49 AM

how long do your a arms last before you bend them in a crash?
i looks really nice, but i have never seen the point in buying aluminum a arms since they are ridiculously expensive, heavy and bend in a big crash.

a full scale car is made completely out of metal parts (chassis, suspension, etc...) but if it crashed like our R/C trucks do it would bend in a thousand ways.

2FastSS4U 09.05.2007 07:29 AM

Pretty much only a select few parts are still in stock, I really expect him to stop production once the last of the parts are sold.

ClodMaxx 09.05.2007 07:43 AM


Originally Posted by biddy (Post 116699)
how long do your a arms last before you bend them in a crash?

a long, long time. all UE arms are 7075 aluminum. much tougher than you think.

biddy 09.05.2007 09:35 AM

which bank should i rob then to fund the arms ?.....kidding.

Procharged5.0 09.05.2007 09:45 AM

UE Arms are surprisingly light. Only slightly heavier than stock actually.

Most people feel the weight of arms from companies like New Era Models, Dynamite, ACNCM, etc. and they are are pretty heavy. That's how guys end up with 15# tanks...er...um..."trucks" when others guys like Clodmaxx & myself have all alloy trucks that weigh substantially less, are stronger, and perform much better.

mkrusedc 09.05.2007 10:54 AM

I was trying to stay mostly plastic, RPM. However, the more of these threads I read the more I think I have aluminum envy. :sigh:

Procharged5.0 09.05.2007 12:41 PM

Nothing wrong with the RPM. Tough and inexpensive!

The UE parts also "engineer out" the horrrible bump-steer that the maxxes have in stock form.

UE is the only company I know of to address that. Most other just make stock parts copied in aluminum.

ClodMaxx 09.05.2007 03:13 PM

i'm anxious to see what the final weight will be on this build. i expect it to be ~10lbs, sans batteries. the previous rendition of my all-aluminum maxx (FLM chassis w/EXT pro suspension) was 9 lbs, 8 oz. there's definitely more material here (that extended custom driveshaft is heavy). it'll be heavier, but i wouldn't expect it to go over by much.

10 pounds is pretty darn good for a solid aluminum MT. especially considering all the extra material in the EXT suspension.

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