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Sylvester 12.03.2006 11:42 AM

Every manual you need
This is a great site if you have lost a manual and dont feel like going around looking to buy one ... http://rcdocuments.com/ - not sure if its been posted but though it would help out some people.

Procharged5.0 12.14.2006 02:23 PM

That's a great reference. Thanks!

neweuser 12.14.2006 02:28 PM

This should be a sticky!!! Very good!

Procharged5.0 12.14.2006 02:43 PM

Can a mod make it a sticky??? I like that idea.

neweuser 12.14.2006 02:44 PM

Not sure...I think Serum can? Not sure though

Serum 12.14.2006 03:03 PM

Please contribute .pdf documents such as products manuals, exploded views, setup sheets,
and other reference materials by sending them to: this email

Sylvester 12.14.2006 03:48 PM

Nice, my first sticky thread:) Ill look for more if i find anything..

coolhandcountry 12.14.2006 08:01 PM

Congrats there mr. dom.

D.nilia 11.12.2009 02:06 AM

Every manual you need
If you can use phpmyadmin you view "vwar_accessgroup" table. There you need to modify the "admin" accessgroup and enter value "1" for every column.

kevinlambchops 04.03.2010 10:04 PM

thanks, pretty helpful

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