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d3lap 06.11.2013 06:16 PM

Custom Micro F1
Did bother making a tread for this until I had some progress worth showing. Here is my micro SCT that I stretched and made into a F1.

Stil plenty to do with it But it is taking shape. Runngin brushless with custom servo mount, 2 piece chassis, motor mount and mounting plates. Have a small 350mah 2s for it as well. Its currently in RWD, If I am unable to keep the rear end in line then I might have to switch to awd.

bdebde 06.11.2013 10:54 PM

AW, how cute :rofl:

d3lap 06.11.2013 11:13 PM

Thanks, I guess haha. Its just a little project for the basement.

d3lap 06.12.2013 09:08 PM

Well, here are some more progress pictures....



d3lap 06.12.2013 11:17 PM

Well this is all she wrote for tonight. Someone has to go to bed... :)

You can get the basic idea of what it is going to look like. Still have A lot of work ahead of me. Plus once the shell is complete I need to sand, align, glue, putty, epoxy then paint it....

d3lap 06.13.2013 11:00 PM

Got quite a bit done. But still TONS to do..

Still need to de- bulk it, and finish all the other bits of the body. As well as start the rear end, and mount the wings.

brainanator 06.13.2013 11:06 PM

looking pretty good! Will be fun cruising around your basement.

nastety92 06.14.2013 09:56 AM

Looks like a fun project. Something to tinker with.

d3lap 06.15.2013 12:10 AM

Thanks, Got some more body work done, Really slow and tidious process.. http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t...ps09e8f412.jpg

d3lap 06.24.2013 10:26 PM


Sorry It has been slow, takes a long time to make a little progress. The rear wing I'm cery happy with, not so much the front splitter. Having some ideas of what to do with the open cockpit and the side air dams. The black was just to get some color other then the blue/white combo. Helps to see what needs sanding and filling. Should be ready to get some better coats and some epoxy resin to harden it up.

d3lap 06.30.2013 09:12 PM


Let me know what you guys think. Body is glossy because of the resin. Will get sprayed once its all hardened and Im happy with the results. Just need to figure out why im not getting equal left-right steering throw... And make some body mounts.

d3lap 12.17.2017 11:38 PM

So I know it has been a while since I've posted, and truth be told I had gotten out of RC. But I am not entirely sure one can EVER really get out of the hobby. Things still stick around and lay in boxes hidden from sight. So a few weeks ago I picked up a 3D printer. Familiar with 3D modeling and 3D printing it got me rummaging through old boxes of what lay left of my rc collection. Low and behold I found my 1/24th scale losi trophy truck, brushless setup and servo. No 2.4ghz receiver or transmitter, or lipo for that matter.

Short trip on amazon and Ive got a Flysky Fs-gtC and a venom 30c 450mah 2s pack on route. It's still a work in progress, as this is fairly small and measurements are tricky and need to be precise, as well as scaled to account for Filament shrinkage during printing.

I am aiming for a rwd scale drift car, no more F1 unfortunately.

Here is a slight teaser of what I have so far and what is coming, with specs on what I have changed over stock.

Lengthen and widened
Solid motor mount with under chassis fine adjustment
Front mounted servo, lipo and receiver
Rear mounted motor and esc
Redesigned front upper A-arms for 1,2,3 Deg camber adjustments
Redesigned Steering rods for Toe in/out Adjustment
Redesigned Shock Tower for inboard shocks
Upper Chassis Brace for regidity
Custom Rims for Offset
Custom Knuckles
Custom Servo Saver

Click image for larger version.

Name: Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.28.45 PM.png
Views: 3
Size: 43.5 KB
ID: 10425
Click image for larger version.

Name: Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.36.02 PM.png
Views: 2
Size: 87.0 KB
ID: 10426

The complete chassis was designed by myself, however the widebody BRZ shell was taken from a 3D warehouse. Although it might be less work for me to create my own. However, that is the look I am going for.

Sorry for the lack of updates prior, but do stay tuned!


d3lap 12.19.2017 03:58 PM

Getting some more progress done, Radio has come in, and electronics are all working, which is a nice thing to come back to after a few years out of the hobby. Here is what I have done so far..

Still working on front steering mechanism and tweeking solids to get the most steering angle.

Also started on some larger rims, designing to look similar to Volk 5 spoke deep dish to suit the Brz body.*
Most notably upper chassis brace, receiver/antenna mount, esc and battery tray have all been completed.
Although it looks high, everything will sit under the shock towers.


d3lap 12.20.2017 12:12 AM

Well got it all printed out and put together. Will clean everything up once the bonding agent cures the velco.

d3lap 01.02.2018 03:00 AM

Well a little bit of an update here.


Yes, Im accepting the fact that for basement enjoyment and competitiveness against a 1/18th AE Apex I will have to convert to awd.

Currently configured, I cant even get to half throttle without the back end stepping out, and unfortunately its stopping me from being competitive.

Secondly for switching, is braking. Rwd is fun and all, but as we know electric motors act as a drag brake when throttle is released, letting off the throttle steps the back end out, and the car doesnt stop quick enough for me with only rwd.

So I have a few options here on how to convert it back to awd while still maintaining the stretched chassis.
1) order another drive shaft, cut and splice them
2) cut current shaft, add a section, then mate them again
3) fabricate a new male end of the shaft and attach it to current shaft.

Ive so far gone with the 3rd option, going to run it and see how it goes, if it can handle the power and is durable, I will run it as is.

Because of the awd I will need to slightly tweak the chassis.

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