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Cartwheels 05.22.2007 07:57 PM

Make your fans bullet proof.
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Well maybe not bullet proof, but at least R/C tough. I got tired of putting new fans in my conversions only to have them only last 20 minutes before they puke up their internals components. The smaller fans weren't so much of a problem, for me at least, it was the larger size like the 40mm fans were the problem. So I decided to do something about it. Here a couple of things you can do to make your fans tougher.

Here is the most of the stuff your going to need:
Soldering Iron
Small gauge multi strand wire
Electrical grade epoxy or substitute (I used a 3M's part # DP 270) I got this at Mc Master Carr $11.13 http://www.mcmaster.com/
Hand plunger for the epoxy, as it doesn't come with one. I got this at Mc Master Carr also Part # 74695A27 $1.15each

Cartwheels 05.22.2007 07:59 PM

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First pop the internal part of the fan out of the case (pix). Be careful not to break the thin plastic supports on the case backing. What I do is support the case backing with one screwdriver and with another screwdriver push on the bearing ring area shown with the smaller screwdriver.

Cartwheels 05.22.2007 08:00 PM

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I replace the wire. The original wire is a single strand wire and breaks very, very easily. So, once I have the internal part of the fan out I replace it with a small gauge multi strand wire. I would recommend doing this one wire at a time otherwise it is easy to forget which color goes were. So just desolder the old wire and solder in the new wire. I have skipped this step only to have to go back and fix it later.

Cartwheels 05.22.2007 08:01 PM

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Then to permanently keep the fan internals in there place use electrical grade epoxy. I yellowed the area in the pic to apply the epoxy. Then also put a little epoxy on the electrical components that stick up on the green PCB board. keep in mind you don't want epoxy oozing out everywhere because it will lock up the fan. Route the wires back were they go. Then press the fan back together. Set it to dry so that if any epoxy oozes out it doesn't drip on the fan blades (in other words, fan blades up, glue side down).

I have had really good results with doing this and I'm sure you will too!

joeling 05.22.2007 10:01 PM

Hi Cartwheels,

This is a good mod. 1 vote for this to be in sticky.

Joe Ling

PS : Noticed the caps. Sell those to the DIY audio crowd

Cartwheels 05.23.2007 02:23 AM

Glad you like it. I'm running about 5 fans all together in different conversions and not one has given me any problems so far. First one I did was about a month ago.

One thing I forgot to mention is that when I'm done I usually cover the back with a piece of electrical tape to keep dirt out of the bearing.

BrianG 05.23.2007 09:36 AM

Nice details Cart!

I have never run fans in any R/C before. What fails on them? From the posts above, I assume the hub sperates from the frame? Also, how long do the bearings last in the dusty and harsh offroad environment?

Cartwheels 05.23.2007 11:27 AM

Yes the hub seperates from the fan then sometimes just hangs there or it can also get completely ripped off.

I have never had a fan stop from dust, but I never had them live this long either. I run in some hot weather so I have the front windshield cut out and sometimes the dust and dirt just pour in. So if they do stop from dust I'll end up finding out! Lol

Procharged5.0 05.23.2007 02:03 PM

+1 Vote for it to be a sticky! Nice post!

aqwut 06.19.2007 11:52 PM

very nice.. I did the same to all my 40mm fans.. those fans aren't that cheap either.. :)

Cartwheels 06.22.2007 02:46 AM

Here is an update: The glue has been holding very well, but I did have one of my fans break the metal shaft the fan blades spin on. Had to throw it away, no way to fix that! Just goes to show what forces are at work.

One other thing I found out was that when you replace the wire. You want to use really thin gauge wire to solder onto the fan with. Thicker wire can break off the little tab that you solder onto rendering the fan useless.

MetalMan 06.23.2007 12:14 AM

Funny thing is, I haven't had a problem with any fan parts that you modded above. The only thing that breaks/gets damaged on my fans are the blades, where they break off.

Cartwheels 06.23.2007 09:07 PM

I wish I didn't have problems with mine! Might be the position they are mounted. I have not had problems with smaller fans just the larger ones.

marc993turbo 08.25.2007 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by Cartwheels (Post 106802)
Well maybe not bullet proof, but at least R/C tough. I got tired of putting new fans in my conversions only to have them only last 20 minutes before they puke up their internals components.

Hi there from Germany!

I just installed three fans in my savage today to keep controller and engine cool.

I would like to see some pictures of your fan modifications but cannot see them because they don´t appear when i display the thread.

Is this a problem with my account?

Thanks for help.


BrianG 08.25.2007 03:59 PM

No, your account if fine. The forum was recently restored (was a crash about a month ago) and some things aren't quite working 100% yet.

Cartwheels 08.25.2007 05:49 PM

If the pictures don't show up I can post them again, but one thing I have noticed was that not all fans are created equal. I was using the Sunon 40mm fans. Those were the fans I modded for extra strength. They all ended up with the fan blade assembly coming off the staff.

So I tried a different brand of fan. I tried the NMB-MAT brand of fan. They are more expensive but they seem to be stronger. They have what I think is metal in the center of the fan blade assembly. Which seem to help keep the fan on the shaft. They seem to be put together much better. In fact I couldn't get them apart to mod them without breaking them. I've only experimented with them so far, so I don't know how well they will survive in the long term though. I do know that they are much better then the Sunon fans.

I accidently stuck my finger in one of the fans and it took off a small chunk of finger nail and gave me a small cut. I was a little surprised. They might warrent having a guard on them.

You can get them at Digi key or Newark one. They are 12V @ $11.?? Model: 1604KL-04W-840

If anyone else has another brand that has been pretty tough please post which brand.

dadgummit 09.05.2007 01:40 PM

Hello, I have 2- 40 mm fans ready to cool my quark controller and I would love to see some pictures if you have any.


Cartwheels 09.06.2007 12:43 AM

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Can't seem to post these again. I get a message "You have already attached this file in thread: How to make your fans bullet proof." I tried changing the name with no luck. Anybody have any ideas?
One did work though.

Procharged5.0 09.06.2007 10:28 AM

Open the pictures in "Paint" and save the file as ".gif" instead of ".jpg" and reload them.

May also work as a ".png"

Cartwheels 09.08.2007 02:37 AM

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Thanks Procharged, Here are a couple more Pics.

Again, the NMB-MAT brand of fan is built better over all, You don't need to glue in the internals. The little supports need to be beefed up. They are a little thin. I took some small zip ties pieces and glued them with CA glue to the support to beef them up. The last picture is the NMB-MAT fan. I yellowed the area were the I glued the zip ties.

Cartwheels 09.08.2007 02:40 AM

They are actually out of order the second picture is how to remove the internals. and the first picture is the area to use the glue.

stampedeproject 10.18.2008 04:26 PM

Yeah this has always been an issue for me as well. I said screw it and went to industrial fans on everything and haven't had one problem since. Technically the 25mm fans are the "right" size, but if you clock the 30mm a degree or two, they still allow you to screw to the heatsinks.

I was using these 5V "FAN VAN" fans for a while...
http://www.thefanvan.net/servlet/the...ans/Categories 5-6V Fans 1"

However I have since gone to 12V high output fans like these:

The 12V fans can get a little thicker 10mm - 15mm - 20mm, but mounting space has never been a problem. In this post you can see the thicker fan I used to keep the Tekin R1 cool. The thicker the fan box the more efficient it is and the more air it will move. The other cool thing is that you can plug a 12V fan right into a 4S pack without any problems and it will really keep things cool. I have been doing this for about a year now and have never had an issue. These 12V fans move loads more air than the crappy RC fans we usually have available to us and as you can see these are MUCH beefier.

Silentenigma 11.11.2018 07:35 AM

Since last post was 10 years ago, does anyone recommend a particular fan that is a little tougher these days?

Just purchased one of these:


I'm not sure what kind of Volts this will handle or the RPM generated in relation to that voltage, although 5 to 8.4V should probably be okay?

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