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Qball76 05.08.2005 08:29 PM

Question for RC Monster Mike?
Mike, I'm interested in picking up a set of Response tires for my Revo and I wanted to know if you could get a set of the Gemini rims to go with them. If you can would you please pm me with a price on the rims along with a timeline.

Also Mike I will probably be upgrading motors to the OS 18 TM, any chance I could go through you to purchase this motor and backplate in the near future.


RC-Monster Mike 05.08.2005 11:24 PM

I actually have the gemini rims and response tires in stock(the rims are $10.25/pair). The O.S is not easy for me to come by (I have to go through a friend, who goes through a friend!). I could probably get one, but it would take a week at least. LMK if you want it and I will see about a timeline for you.

Qball76 05.09.2005 11:31 PM

On the OS 18 TM Mike, could you pm me with a price and we can go from there, also I would be looking for a backplate for it as I'm using a RD starter box. Do they make one that you can swap with no cutting?


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