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superek4 10.28.2010 11:13 PM

Rcm scrt10 chassis
I saw on YouTube Mike has this chassis soon. You guys know abt? Looks good!


JoFreak 10.29.2010 09:40 AM

Nice, really look forward to that one!
2 things though I missed in that interview:
Weight: Is it lighter or heavier then stock?
Length: Is it longer maybe for use with 2 rear center bones, or is it shorter due to the bones running in a steeper angle because the CD was moved to the side?

And most important: Would it be possible to get one with custom holes for the rear chassis brace and with mounting holes for mech brakes hardware?

And you should call it Steve or something, so this chassis has a propper name! Poor kid!

superek4 10.29.2010 10:28 AM

I emailed mike but no reply. It looks good n I wonder how much.

superek4 11.03.2010 07:38 PM

Mike replied the chassis will be avail in a few week's time:)

JoFreak 11.04.2010 07:35 AM

Well he allready said that in the interview. ;)
Would be cool to get some info on the other questions though.

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