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Maxxamongus 09.16.2016 09:10 PM

Need help with choice of 1/8 scale diff for E-maxx
Hi everyone!
Just recently joined the forum. Thanks Mike for your assistance and answers to many questions. I have been researching for "THE BEST" diffs for the FLM 1/8th hybrid diffs case for my two trucks. I understand there are many options , not sure what is the best. The trucks will have 2200 Castle motor and Orion VST2 Pro 690 4P 2100 kv motor (with Mamba Monster 'X" ESC and Team Orion Vortex R8 Pro X ESC's.) What would the best diffs to match the motor and esc outputs? Side note. I enjoy the build! That's were the fun is for me. Thanks for your assistance in advance.:smile:

George16 09.17.2016 02:37 PM

Hot bodies did are nice since they are made of hardened steel.

Maxxamongus 09.18.2016 10:41 PM

Thanks George16! In my research I have seen many options and many people not too happy about their choices. Iwill check out Hot Bodies diffs.

George16 09.19.2016 08:36 PM

Whereabouts in Michigan are you located? My folks live in Troy.

Maxxamongus 09.19.2016 10:19 PM

I live north of Troy in the country. Hey Geroge16, I am still researching the parts for the hybrid FLM diffs. Hot Bodies has a few 1/8 scale diffs. Is this part number the correct one: part# c8084 and Pinion c8030?

Maxxamongus 09.21.2016 06:39 PM

Okay - the main reason I am asking these questions is based upon the forum's experience. The R C Monster forums have a great more amount of experience than I do. So, I am asking the experts for advice. The diffs at this time are the only challenge. The two trucks on the pics are being upgraded and the next truck will be my V-Maxx build.

Wontcha' help me?

KMN 09.22.2016 03:29 PM

I have run the Kyosho diff's, the Hot Bodies Diffs, and the OLD Hot Bodies diffs.

The Kyosho diffs that will fit are from the ST-R/ST-RR/ST-RR Evo/MP7.5/MP777 series of 1/8th scale vehicles. The choices are pretty standard, just make sure you get the right pinion based on the diffs. The teeth can be had in both helically cut, and straight cut. eBay is a great place to find these, but you are going to need the 8mm outputs on the pinions. For the Hot Bodies, the diffs from the D8T/D8/Ve8 are helical cut teeth. The best part about the Hot Bodies diffs is in the pinion. It is cut down to 5MM from the 8mm pinion bore so you can use pretty standard driveshafts. MIP makes 5mm/6mm bores and all of their crawler driveshafts are usable with their Maxx based shafts.

As for which one to buy, both will hold up very well. The older Hot Bodies stuff (Like form the old Lightning buggy and Lightning Stadium truggy) have weaker internal gears. I have not even seen these for sale in over 7 years now, so no real worries on it, but they are the only ones I've manage to mangle and break with relative ease.

Maxxamongus 09.22.2016 07:09 PM

KMN - thank you for your assistance. This info will be used. Thanks for taking time to provide part #'s/manufactures info. This will be very helpful to me!

Maxxamongus 10.01.2016 06:14 PM

Just ordered the FLM Hybrid Bulks and looking the 1/8 differentials for the build.

KMN 10.04.2016 10:32 PM

These are a great choice, and great price as well.

Kyosho ST-RR Hardened Differential:

Here's the hardened pinions that go along with these specific diffs:

Using Mike's custom Revo shaft coupler from the store here, you can get them in 8mm bore and use Revo shafts as center driveshafts relatively easy.

KMN 10.04.2016 10:37 PM

Here's the D8T/Hot Bodies route.



A little cheaper.

KMN 10.04.2016 10:52 PM

And... I almost forgot. The most important part of any of this:

Diff shims. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kyosho-Infer...oAAOSwMHdXQ36J

Pinion shims: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kyosho-96644...MAAOSwaB5XmhJd

I am currently running the Kyosho diffs in Unlimited Engineering Ultralite cases, so I can't speak for their proper shimming to fit in the Fastlane cases.

Maxxamongus 10.05.2016 06:32 PM

Thanks KMN! I was just on eBay looking at the Hot Bodies diff gears. I was also checking out the shim kits for these gears. Thanks again for your assistance.

tinuss 10.06.2016 01:24 PM

I use Spider diff's in mine ..... great diffs

Maxxamongus 10.06.2016 11:24 PM

Tinuss, how are they working out for you?

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