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prhess 07.03.2009 04:10 PM

T8 Motor info and specs
Some good Motor info from another forum

T8 (Buggy) motors
TT2350 4030 2650kv - Delta - 2D
TT2351 4030 2050kv - Delta - 2.5D
TT2352 4030 1900kv - Wye - 1.5Y
TT2353 4030 1700kv - Delta - 3D
TT2354 4030 1400kv - Wye - 2Y

T8 (Truggy) motors
TT2360 4038 2250kv - Wye - 1Y
TT2361 4038 2000kv - Delta - 2D
TT2362 4038 1700kv - Delta - 2.5D
TT2363 4038 1550kv - Wye - 1.5Y
TT2364 4038 1350kv - Delta - 3D

Both react well to timing however I find the wye's a bit smoother in power delivery. The wye's respond a bit better with timing in that you can feel smaller changes. However both respond well.

With my driving style I tend to gravitage towards the wye. However my motor of choice on larger tracks by far is the 2050 on 4s. That motor just seems to get IT everytime and never runs out of steam...

Randy - From Tekin

Somewhere you posted each motor and what the real life KV was and how much it would fluctuate with timing adjustments. Can you repost that or put in a link please. Thanks.
Found it!

The kvís are very close. We rounded down for the descriptions from the measured kvís of the preproduction motors. A few kvís did go up in the production versions. Most likely due to the rotors being more consistent now with production tooling

All kvís are rated at neutral timing. There can be some difference from controllers and how we all handle timing.

Max Timing will raise the kv of the Y wound motors 150 to 200.
Max Timing will raise the kv of a Delta motor 100 to 150kv

We do not recommend timing above 50 in the Hotwire with our motors. They handle it fine, but do not need it. They do go faster and get hotter, but run time really suffers with high timing. Up to 50 on the Hotwire slider can be used to tune a little instead of changing a pinion. Timing of 50 to 100 is really meant for the 1/10 scale long can motors like Orange, Blue and SP.

Actual vs measured motor kvís below:

4030 buggy motors

2650 - 2664

2050 - 2120

1900 - 1930

1700 - 1780

1450- 1460

4038 Truggy motors

2250 - 2340

2000 - 2100

1700 - 1705

1550 - 1560

1350 - 1410

If your setups seem faster and you need to gear back more than these numbers indicate perhaps we are able to pull the load better with our motors, or we are driving the motor better with our controller. The default timing on the Rx8 units shipped was 32 and would raise the kv another 50 or so on each motor. In the new software coming shortly the default has been reduced to 10 as it was suppose to be to begin with.

Tekin Prez

Faster, Smarter, Smaller

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