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dabid 08.26.2005 03:38 PM

Got an idea.....
Hey gang, I've been thinking about my Ofna 9.5 and how I have to mount a plastic spur via quite a hack process, but stumbled onto something. First off, would a Ultra LX Comp diff fit in my 9.5? I wouldn't mind having to drill new holes, but I mainly am curious if it'd be a drop in thing.......knowing my luck though, it probably isn't. If it does, I'd pick up this off ebay, which brings me to my second question. I'm pretty sure that the 51t nylon spur from Ofna would fit that diff, but would this one be a cheaper alternative? My choice to go with a diff for handling as opposed to a slipper for gear longevity means that I blow out teeth quite often, and while $8 a spur isn't exactly cheap compared to the $4 Kimbrough's I used to run, I'd very much like a drop in already perfected desgin/setup.

Thanks for reading, any light you can shed on this will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. -- As I usually am, I'll be researching this on my own....but still, you help me out now.....and you know how it goes. :D

EDIT: Not even 5 minutes goes by, and low and behold, I found out that spur goes with that diff quite easily....they're both included in the Ultra LX Comp RTR buggy! Alright, now to find out the diff will work in another 5 minutes.......:D

Waxxxymunkee 08.26.2005 05:08 PM

Well good luck man did nt really give us a chance tyo help u

Re~Mix 08.26.2005 07:09 PM

Nicely done, I figured all that out a few days ago, and am sorting out an offer on a roller mbx r2 right now.

dabid 08.26.2005 07:14 PM

Yeah, the spur and diff will work together, but what about the diff and 9.5 chassis? It looks as though it's about the same size, and I don't think that Ofna would change the bearing sizes on the diff from car to car, so I'm pretty darn sure it'd work. Problem is, I can't even afford a single spur and that cheap diff......darn this poorness!!! :D

Re~Mix 08.26.2005 08:54 PM

Worst case is you have to drill a new hole or two.

dabid 08.26.2005 09:45 PM

True, but I really hope I don't have to. I guess what I'm looking for, is anyone with a LX Comp, if you wouldn't mind, to supply the measurments of the diff.....if you can. :)

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