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bdebde 05.09.2010 06:23 PM

Hot Bodies D8T
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I don't think I have seen one of these on here yet, so I thought I would post a few picks of mine. I used the Losi battery tray, and a home made motor mount. Power is 6s Neu 4100mah on a 1515/2.5D through a MMM. I know most guys here racing with a 2.5D are only using 5s, but I am only geared for about 38mph, and my truggy got TQ on it's first outing.:na: I let another (much better) e-truggy driver try it out, and he wanted to know all my settings and all about my truggy. Sadly, the stock plastic servo arm let me down at the start of the main (notice new aluminum one in pic), so no win there.

bryan 05.09.2010 09:37 PM

Looks good.Sucks that the servo arm screwed up your day though.

sabongi 05.19.2010 10:49 PM

can you talk about shaft/pinion clearance? You using the stock radio tray dremeled? Which pinion brand are you using and did you short motor shaft?

bdebde 05.19.2010 10:58 PM

I am using a RCM pinion, and I put a thin spacer plate between the motor and mount to give enough clearance for the shaft. Clearance to the radio box is about 1 to 1.5mm, pretty darn close. The RCM conversion kit has a radio box that gives much more room for pinion clearance, I may get one in the future just to make motor/pinion changes easier.

Drifted Demon 06.10.2010 02:33 AM

Im looking at one of these or the X2 CRT MMM 2200kv on 4s. Is this thing basher friendly?!

Chadworkz 06.10.2010 11:02 AM

That's a clean layout!

brushlessboy16 06.10.2010 11:23 AM

Clean!, how much runtime do you get with that pack?

bdebde 06.10.2010 03:17 PM

Thanks guys. Yeah it should do fine as a basher, as most truggies will. Have not run the battery to lvc, but it does a 15min. main with a few warm up laps, no problem. I would say 20 min. runtime at least, judging by charge put back in after race.

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