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suicideneil 02.22.2007 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by Sylvester
I think it may be because he has the RacerX already.. ;):005:

Ah yes, just saw that in his sig- ditching the flm chassis and going for the gmaxx instead- that would make a killer combo (gmaxx&racerx).

Mike.L 02.22.2007 05:44 PM

if you part it out then pm me on the jr radio.

thanks, mike.

markland556 11.07.2018 07:54 PM

Well its been over 11 years since my last post.. haha. Happy to say I still have all these cars sitting around. The Quark ESC lasted maybe 10 runs before it decided not to work anymore, and the truck got put away...
Ive decided its time to get this overly expensive thing going again. Now im on the hunt for a new ESC and new batteries. Seems lipo's are the only way to go these days. I need to dig out the superbrain and see what kinda batterys that thing car charge up before i dump too much money into this hobby all over again.
Looks for any recommendations on an ESC and battery setup for this rig.

suicideneil 11.07.2018 09:54 PM

I'd say the Mamba Monster is still king really as far as esc options go- there are a couple different versions, not sure of the real difference but either will work fine. If you want a cheaper option then look at the hobbywing and hobby king offerings. As for batteries, there are tons of new flavours from hobbyking, as well as all the old favourites- prices are a lot better and reliability also, so look around. I think most of the links I gathered up years back are still valid:



tinuss 11.14.2018 12:13 PM

switched almost all mine to Hobbywing.... decent price and good quality .

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