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Djflipnautikz 01.10.2011 04:43 PM

Dynamite .28 Big Red - Only Starts with HIGH IDLE and runs for about 20 secs
Ok so i have the Dynamite Big Red .28 Mach 2 Engine in my Revo, and i have to set the throttle trim ALL THE WAY for it to start and HOLD it or else it will TAKE OFF on me. And then when it starts it runs for about 20 secs and shuts off. It doesn't stay on. I have videos of me ding the break in and it was PERFECT!! now it does not run.

This has me very frustrated as i am about to give up on nitro and go electric but back on topic...

What do i do?

I had troubles with the throttle linkage as when i braked it would turn off but i got that fixed.

I am about to take it to my LHS and let them tune it for me.

But maybe someone knows or give me ideas on WHAT to check, like could it be an air leak or what can it be....thanks.
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chris3829 01.11.2011 07:00 PM

Take it to your LHS and watch what they do....Shouldnt cost ya more than 20 bucks max...

_paralyzed_ 01.24.2011 10:48 PM

air leak. check all fuel lines and tank connections. is the carb on tight? are you SURE you didn't get it hot during break in and burn the glow plug? or worse, lose compression? If you can spin the flywheel by a finger compression is lost and you need a rebuild. air leaks at the exhaust will cause these issues also.

when in doubt start with fresh fuel, fresh glow plug and new ffuel lines.

Thirdgen89GTA 01.05.2012 04:03 PM

I had a new Hyper .21 8port that had a cracked piston from the get go. Manufacturing defect I'd guess. Did the same stuff. As soon as it would warm up it would lose compression and stall unless it had a very high idle.

But check for air leaks first. I'd recommend sealing the backplate and carb with a little AE Green Slime. Works well to keep the air leaks out.

Check the o-rings on the carb clamp bolt. There are two o-rings on either side of the clamp inside the bore.

Should checking for air leaks and glow plug issues not resolve your problem I'd tear the motor down and inspect the piston and sleeve for scoring. Its possible there could have been debris in the engine from manufacturing.

_paralyzed_ 01.06.2012 06:32 AM

There is still a nitro forum?:lol:

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