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trev3813 04.16.2011 02:44 AM

Drop drop it low girl.

TCS Edge tuber,
WK. Axles,
Alum. knuckles.
Axial Tranny,
Axial Lockers
Axial lower links
Proline Hammer Tires, soft, lots o weight.
Old 22t motor, awaiting 45t.
Xl5 water proof,
No name hi torq metal gear servo

_paralyzed_ 04.16.2011 03:50 AM

and the winner for the best use of maxx shocks ever: trev3813:party:

That ride looks very capable. Nice build!

trev3813 04.16.2011 04:15 AM

Why thank ya, it does the job well, Full droop is not for beg. I learned that, it takes me forever to do lines that took me seconds before, but now i can do lines i've never tried before. Alot more thinking involved, i like it tho.

Ola 04.16.2011 04:42 AM

Those crawlers looks great man.. Gotta get one of those one day!

trev3813 04.16.2011 01:41 PM

Thanks man, i just need to get sidepanels and i'll be happy :D

trev3813 04.17.2011 09:23 PM

Slow progress


trev3813 04.28.2011 10:09 PM

Traded. Was fun while it lasted, combination of lack of interest and lack of places to go. I always wanted a good one to see if i would like it. nope.. oh well. I like my revo too much. More money for that..

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