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rchippie 05.08.2005 04:29 PM

Hi mike!!!

Are your pinions thick were the set screw goes. I was using 32p 5mm bore pinions that i got at FDM, this weekend and striped two of them. Thank's

supermaxx4190 05.08.2005 07:37 PM

they are very thick, and use a huge setscrew. they work awesome, im using them with my 10L.

RC-Monster Mike 05.08.2005 11:27 PM

I had the pinions made because I couldn't find any that I was happy with. The pinions have a wide tooth area, as well as a thick wall and a beefy 4mm set screw. You won't have any trouble with these pinions. That I can promise!

rchippie 05.08.2005 11:54 PM

Thank's mike i'll be ordering some friday when i get paid. Also what size range do you recomend for a 9L on 14 cells with ue diffs ?.

RC-Monster Mike 05.09.2005 12:10 AM

16,18 or 20 would all work well on that setup. The 18 would be my choice, although the 20 will push you beyond 40 mph, which may be what you are looking for. I usually gear for mid 30s when I race.

rchippie 05.09.2005 12:27 AM

What spur would you use with that 18 pinion?. Right know i use a 66 spur.

RC-Monster Mike 05.09.2005 12:39 AM

I would use a 66 spur as well.

Dafni 05.10.2005 03:00 AM

How's the UE diff reduction compared to a stock Maxx diff?

If you run a 18 or 20t to get you close to 40mph or above, you also take off in second gear, right? I assume so, 'cause you told us you lock out first anyway.

Serum 05.10.2005 08:11 AM

The UE diffs are 43/13

the stock diff are 37/13

rchippie 05.15.2005 01:09 AM

Mike i noticed your 32p 5mm bore pinions go up in size by two. 16-18-20 do you have any plans to make 17- 19 tooth pinions ?. If so when ?.

RC-Monster Mike 05.15.2005 08:42 PM

No immediate plans, but possibly in the future. I have several other things that are taking priority now (like steel idlers, for instance).

Serum 05.16.2005 04:42 AM

now THAT's great news..

cabking 05.29.2005 04:18 PM

Can someone tell me the size and thread pattern for the 5mm mod1 pitch pinion setscew please.
I seem to have lost it out of the gear :o
also is the hex size? 1mm


Serum 05.29.2005 05:23 PM

it's an M3 setscrew..

It uses a 1.5mm hex.

cabking 05.29.2005 05:34 PM

Its smaller than that mate. the 1.5mm is way to big to fit:)

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