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Mister_Anderson 05.24.2005 07:46 PM

For a MGM 120amp BL controller and a Lehner 5300 motor.(Cost of $319.99) What would be the cost of shipping and handling? I want to know because im piling all my birthday cash together for a BL system.
Mister_Anderson :W::P:

RC-Monster Mike 05.24.2005 10:58 PM

$5 or less I would imagine. Probably $3.85 for shipping.

Serum 05.26.2005 11:02 AM

Mister Anderson is going to make his car FLY! That's one very fast setup you've got in mind!! Make sure you shoot some vids of that NASA project in action!

Mister_Anderson 05.26.2005 05:19 PM

:eek: THATS IT! THATS ALL IT COSTS FOR SHIPPING?!....hold on. How long would it take to get here? (Taylor (detroit area),Michigan)
And yes Serum I'll try to make some vids. My mom has a sweet new Digital Video cam i need to put to work. I'm gonna gear it low to start, don't wanna send this thing in to orbit.(Yet...lol)
P.S. It's going in to my Rustler.

Serum 05.26.2005 05:52 PM

That is going to be one fast rustler.. No doubt...

On how much cells your going to run this beast?

RC-Monster Mike 05.26.2005 07:16 PM

3 days shipping time, usually.

Mister_Anderson 05.26.2005 07:41 PM

Three days to get here or three days leaving from factory warehouse etc.
I plan to run either 6 GP3300's or cheapo 1500 8-cells.

RC-Monster Mike 05.26.2005 09:12 PM

3 days to get there. If I have it listed, 99% of the time it is in stock and ships the next day.

Mister_Anderson 05.28.2005 11:26 AM

SWEET! But some bad news. My mom chickened out and won't allow me to opt for the $320 worth of electronics. I still want to keep the ESC but i want to know whats a good motor that i can cruise around ~40m.p.h. on about 6-8cells maybe.
P.S. Is this what I might be looking for? DON'T CLICK HERE! lol Just Joking.

RC-Monster Mike 05.28.2005 09:57 PM

The 6s would definately do it. Even the 8s on 7 or 8 cells could easily reach 40 mph, and would get a better runtime.

Mister_Anderson 05.30.2005 12:41 AM

Cool,Cool but my mom went back on what she said and if she gets my sister what she wants i'm getting $180 from my mom alone!
So,lets recap,
Father $50
Grandmother $50
Mother $180
Plus Miscallaneous ~$100+
Equals At least $~350
So,now here is what i have to ask should i get the Lehner 5300, The Feigo 6s or 7s?
I want at least a normal bashing speed of 35-40m.p.h. without high cell counts and heat issues.
Thanks all,
P.S. Sorry for takng up your time. lol

RC-Monster Mike 05.30.2005 11:05 AM

I would recommend the 8s and a decent set of batteries (cheapo 1500s aren't gonna cut it). I nice 7 cell pack or so will allow you to truly experience the power vailable in the system.

Serum 05.30.2005 12:30 PM

Yeah, one rule of thumb is, that the brushless setup never is stronger than the amount of energy the batteries can deliver.

Good cells are a must have.

Mister_Anderson 05.30.2005 01:19 PM

Well obviously the 1500's aren't gonna cut it.
So i have one vote for the 8s.
How high would i hvae to gear for the 40 m.p.h. mark? How many cells? Would it get up to 50 m.p.h. area on 10-12 cells?

Mister_Anderson 05.30.2005 02:34 PM

Take back what i asked about the cell count i read what Mike said again. lol

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