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Silentenigma 11.11.2018 07:20 AM

Will this function as a PSU?
Hey all,


Am looking at the 10Amp power supply from eBay with what looks like a DC 2.1 plug that should plug directly into my Turnigy Reactor 250W 10Amp charger.


Anyone know if this setup will work? Also why there isnt any sort of fan on this PSU?

Thanks in advance

ruudxd 11.11.2018 12:25 PM

Depends a bit on what you want to charge.
You will not be able to charge at the chargers full potential (250 watt ) since the power supply can only provide a maximum of 120 watt ( 10a*12v= 120 watt ).
I do not know about this charger, but most chargers work better at a higher voltage input when charging higer cell counts.
I use a server power supply, something like this:


There are some topics on this forum and other ones on what you need to do to use them as a power supply for an RC charger.
This differs a bit from type to type but you should be able to find some.
I used this link:


If I am able to do this, then you are to, I suck with eletronics :-)

Silentenigma 11.12.2018 01:02 PM


Thanks for the run down Ruudxd!

Will keep a look out for the server psu's on ebay....they look a bit intimidating to wire up.

I just saw the above for a decent price and no need to modify.

I have a para board and would like to charge up to 4x 2 Cell 5200mah lipos at once at 10amps. I have an erevo so double packs means lots of charging.

ruudxd 11.17.2018 06:49 PM

No problem, I am no hero in electronics though, I hope someone else can help as well and correct me :-)

If I am correct that means 10a*8,4v=84 watts, so you could use that power supply.
It would mean that if you are charging the 4 batteries in parallel you will be charging for about 2 hours..

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