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E-Traxxer 11.23.2005 02:29 AM

Lehner LMT motors (2230, 1940)
I was wondering what cell counts the Lehner 2230 and 1940 should be used at? I've also seen that there are 5 wires coming from the motors... does this mean that it is a 5 phase motor? What speed controls can be used with these motors and how do you wire them? Hoe much power increase compared to an Feigao XL motor? Sorry for all the questions,but the holidays are coming and I want to keep my options open :)

Serum 11.23.2005 04:59 AM

Where did you see the 5 wires? It are 2 pole motors.

They come in all different KV ratings and are very good to use in electrick trucks.

What do you expect from your setup? runtime/speed or what?

Those motors are better than the xl's, they have got segmented magnets and are build with tighter tollerances, they can run more efficient as well.it simple is a highend BL motor.

Basketti 11.23.2005 05:22 AM

I was wondering how does the lehner basic xl5000 compare to the wanderer/feigao xl motors? and what controler would you need?

I would like to get one of those LMT motors but they are out of my price range at the moment.

MetalMan 11.23.2005 08:22 AM

I think that they are 6 wires coming from the motors, and this is so that the current is spread over dual wires per phase.

captain harlock 11.23.2005 08:27 AM

Also, they're used to increase torque and in case you want to use hi voltage, but such feature is not found in the Hi-amp versions.

Serum 11.23.2005 12:05 PM

Ah! the BIG lehner indeed have got 6 wires.. (30 series) XL5000 on a maxx is too hot..

E-Traxxer 11.23.2005 12:08 PM

How would one wire the motor to a controller then? just 2 corresponding wires to one ESC wire?

captain harlock 11.23.2005 12:11 PM

Well, I dont think the 30series is any good for our trucks. Its just like putting a Diabolo engine inside a Toyota Corolla. This is what I think and I'm not ready to repair my transmission every single run.

E-Traxxer 11.23.2005 02:13 PM

I'm not talking about the 30 series.. yet :p just the 19 and 22 series :) So how many cells, how much more power, and how much bigger is a 1940 compared to say.. a 7-10XL?

squeeforever 11.23.2005 02:57 PM

i think the lehner is a little shorter and big around, just a little though.

Dafni 11.23.2005 03:05 PM


XL: 74mm long, 36mm diameter, 370g
L: 60mm long, 36mm diameter, 278g

(all winds have identical dimensions)


1930: 56mm long, 36mm dia, 230g
1940: 66mm long, 36mm dia, 290g
1950: 76mm long, 36mm dia, 360g

Serum 11.23.2005 03:08 PM

so the 1950 is the one you need! :p

harald-hans 11.23.2005 03:47 PM

I use the Lehner 1940/8 as the Hi-Amp version in my "rebuilded EMAXX".

Only 3 wires to connect.

greetings, harald-hans

danhfvcsd 11.23.2005 07:16 PM

I just got my 2230 and it looks to have only 3 wires to connect - running 18 cells :)

coolhandcountry 11.23.2005 07:37 PM

Could you let us know how that motor does. I am very curious on these.

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