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cembom 02.13.2010 04:03 PM

10.5 motor suggestions.
Hey guys I have a Blitz I am looking to race in 10.5 but I have no clue what motor to run. I am hoping to run a MMP but I can find something else if it will not work.
Now My main problem is that even though they are all listed as 10.5 motors they have a wide variety of kv ratings. I have found out from Amain Hobbies listing that the Novak 10.5 motors are 4,200 kv and the LRP x12's are 3,600.
I know that there are other factors to figure in besides kv but would it not be nice to be faster than the other racers? Besides kv theres also the quality of the motor, the ability to tune the motor, and just the overall performance.
Then main contenders are:
Pretty much any of the Trinity motors:
Novak Ballistic or SS

Now I believe the tekin would be great or the hacker. According to the the Hacker puts out more than twice the power than the Novak but the kv is quite low. That would be solved by simply gearing up right?Now on the other hand I have not found anything out about the Tekin though.
I did not mean to type this much I just like to go on until I forget what I was talking about. But I would really like everyone's input on these motors. I can tell you more info on the track but since I have already bored everyone too death I figured I would wait until it asked.:diablo:

simplechamp 02.14.2010 02:48 AM


Originally Posted by cembom (Post 349692)
I know that there are other factors to figure in besides kv but would it not be nice to be faster than the other racers?

Not necessarily. You could gear your truck or buy a motor that puts you at 35mph, but if the max reasonable speed you expect to reach on track is 25mph then I don't see how it would be an advantage.

Now sure, if it was a difference between 23mph and 25mph, then it could be an advantage. Like you mentioned there are many other factors to consider. I'm just regurgitating the old "faster is not always better, it's how you drive" line.

scarletboa 02.16.2010 02:02 AM

i've seen the novak ballistic motors in action and they have great power and run cool. i've seen a 8.5 (5000kv) temp at 95F after a 45min run in a slash.

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