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t-maxxracer32 10.10.2008 01:42 AM

would it be fun to mod a subforum noone ever posts in?:lol:

jayjay283 10.10.2008 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by t-maxxracer32 (Post 221101)
would it be fun to mod a subforum noone ever posts in?:lol:

I thought it would be like, say: being the War General of Switzerland. Just kind of have a title and do nothing :lol:

Dafni 10.10.2008 09:29 AM

Yeah right. Stop the army! We don't need it

_paralyzed_ 10.11.2008 11:36 PM

:party:t-maxxracer32 DUDE! You got your own sticky!:party:

123revo 04.04.2010 09:44 PM

hey guys,

just been a on a hiatus from RC due to work and study commitments. now back and the Revo is now in the back corner of the store room as it takes up almost 1 cubic foot of space alone. that said i have now commenced on my "project:Frankenstein". basically swapping the guts and eventually the drive train as well form my revo to my TT-01 soon to be grip/drift car. not sure if this qualifies for a project-x but i have ot seen this done before maybe with the exception of Nic Cases case. this essentially has everything on it my brushless converted revo has/had.

pics and thread soon.

123. easy as.

crazyjr 12.18.2011 01:01 AM

I am planning a Jato/SRT hybrid, Jato front with a SRT rear and a custom chassis to tie it together. I am hoping to design it further, But need to know where best to place the project

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